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Awaken Up

Awaken Up

What does Awaken really mean?

If you look it up in a dictionary it is, “an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something”.

But what does this really mean? Well, depending on who you ask you will get different variations of the same answer. Let’s keep it simple and say, it Means to acknowledge one self, meaning that:

we start to see Who we really are, What we are made of, and How our own energy and intensions affect and alter the things we do.

It is to believe in the magic of the universe regardless of religious affiliations.

The Journey

The fact that you are Reading this means that you have experienced “The Calling”.

You have Seen, Heard or even Felt something that is making you think there is more out there than just the physical world. 111, 333, 444, Messages & Insights in dreams.

Coincidences, {but there is really no such thing} it is your Angels Awakening you, attempting to get your Attention!

Most will label this as “supernatural” and simply ignore it. However, know that you are at a cross roads and it really is up to you whether to ignore or answer the call. If you choose to answer the call, then you will embark in a JOURNEY TO SELF-ENLIGHTENMENT.

This is not a short journey, for most of us, it is a long but fulfilling Life time journey that takes us through highs and lows while truly becoming self-aware and one with the universe. The Journey is not the same for everyone, we all need to find our own way; Discover Our Purpose here on Earth

however, you can follow the path of those before us as a guide.

CC’s Teachings

Having started her awaking at a young age, CC is self-taught. Mostly learning by her experiences, mistakes and triumphs. Lucky for us her calling is to help and TEACH PEOPLE how to work in the light by releasing, protecting and working with energy among other things.

Her Awaken up Class is a step in the right direction, but it is completely up to you what step to take next and how much you want to get out of her class.

CC, Alex, and the entire staff at CC Sees Your Guiding Light are always willing and able to Guide & help you


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