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Sage Descriptions

Sages that 
Remove Negativity

1. White Sage
2. Blue Sage
3. Dragons Blood Sage
4. Super Cleanse Sage
3 Pack - White Sage, Blue Sage, Cedar Sage
Sages That
        Bring in Positive

5. Palo Santo (Holy wood)
6. Flower of Life
7. Cedar Sage
8. Yerba Santa Sage
9. Sweet Grass Sage
10. Eucayptus Sage
11. Lavender Sage
12. Rosemary Sage
13. Pinon Pine Sage
14. Prosperity Sage
15. Chakra Sage
16. Jericho Sage
17. Juniper Sage
18. Black Sage (Mugwort)
19. Sacred Blessings Sage
20. Peppermint Sage
21. Love Sage

Sage to Remove Negativity


*All Sages that remove negativity you can  Not relight ….

Learn the proper way to Sage

Visit our  How to Page

*Very Important  when Performing the Smudging Ritual for removing Negativity CC

Recommends that you follow the ritual Properly with the Sea Shell & Feather Etc.....

CC has found that those who do NOT do so bring in more Negative than what they remove.

* Be sure to only light a small piece of Sage and when it burns out discard it in a metal bucket filled with water.


* When you are finished your Sage ceremony (Smudging) Carry your bucket outside and give it to

Mother Earth,

(she takes all that is Negative and turns it into Positive) Be sure to Give Thanks!


White Sage:

 White sage is from the coastal mountains of California. This is a large leaf sage which is prized for its rich aromatic properties and the removal of Negativity. Used most above all other types.  
White Sage  Removes
Most NEGATIVE energy. 
Your Small bundle of White Sage is for a one time use. (give the remainder to Mother Earth) 
Your Large Bundle of White Sage is to be broken up 
The bags of White sage that CC offers is already broken up for you.
The bag of leafs is for your body and your Crystals



Warning:  Do NOT relight the burnt / black end if so all of the captured negative will be released.

* Looking for a more POWERFUL Sage, Try  Blue Sage or Dragons Blood.


Always finish with a Positive Sage  to restore the Balance

White Sage


Blue Sage:

 Blue Sage  is Stronger than White Sage and it is used to remove Negativity, so you can NOT relight. Blue Sage captures Negative angry energy as well as energy from spirits giving it the nickname

of "the exorcist sage." 
Also known as "Grandmother Sage” A
purifying herb with broad medicinal and magical applications.
Blue Sage 4-5" Long



Warning:  Do NOT relight the burnt / black end if so all of the captured negative will be released.


Always finish with a Positive Sage  to restore the Balance

Blue Sage


Dragon's Blood Sage:

 Dragons Blood Sage is the Strongest and Most Powerful of all Sages! It is used to Remove Negativity and you can NOT relight. Dragons Blood Sage has the  Power & Strength to Remove and Banish Negativity and most unwanted entities. Dragons Blood Sage is a  Protection for Self  & Space by the Purification of energy.
Dragon's Blood Sage is a  thick red resin formed from the berries of the tropical Palm Tree and is coated on either side of the sage to give it the power of a Dragon.
4-5" Long 


Warning:  Do NOT relight the burnt / black end if so all of the captured negative will be released.


Always finish with a Positive Sage  to restore the Balance

Dragons Blood


Super Cleanse Sage:

Super cleanse Sage is a combination of White Sage, Mountain Sage, Yerba Santa bringing in the Power of 3 Sages. Super Cleanse Sage you can NOT relight. It is Fabulous for when you are seeking a deep cleanse of negativity.
4-5" Long  

Warning:  Do NOT relight the burnt / black end if so all of the captured negative will be released.


Always finish with a Positive Sage  to restore the Balance

Super Cleanse Sage

3 pack White, Blue, Cedar:


Warning:  Do NOT relight the burnt / black end if so all of the captured negative will be released.


Always finish with a Positive Sage  to restore the Balance


Sages that bring in Positive


*All of the Sages that we use for Balance & Restoring Positive Energy you can  relight 

until the bundle is gone, because it does NOT hold onto any Negativity.


*Always Give Thanks!


Palo Santo Sage:

Palo Santo Sage The real name is Holy Wood. CC brings in her Palo Santo Sage direct from South America.
Palo Santo
Relaxes the mind, body and Spirit. It Allows a stronger connection to Source to better open your senses. Palo Santo Sage brings in the feeling of Peace and Love leaving you with all that is Good.
*The Smoke and the Aroma can
transform you!  It's truly Magical!

Palo Santo Sage


Flower of Life

Flower of Life Sage is handmade - each flower is colored with food dye than tied onto the bundle forming a beautiful look of 7 Chakra color pattern. it is used to bring in goodness and to assist you in keeping yourself aligned.
4-5" Long

Flower of Life Sage



Cedar Sage has a wonderful fragrance used to bring in Positivity. Sacred to Native tribes known as the Mother and Giver of life. Cedar Sage can be used for  purification,  wealth, healing, and prosperity and just for it's beautiful aromatherapy.  Cedar Sage brings in Positive energy, great to make a home more a joyful place. It Opens up Windows of new opportunities and a Positive outlook. It will restore Happiness and answer your Intentions.
5-6" Long

Cedar Sage


Yerba Santa

Yerba Santa Sage is a wonderful ceremonial Sage to burn or Carry for Healing, Spiritual Strength and Protection. The Beautiful sweet smell will Enhance your intuitive Psychic Abilities, and Protect you with its magical Powers. Yerba Santa is an herb and the leaf is used to make medicine;  great for respiratory conditions including coughs, colds, asthma, or Fever.
*Put a small amount in a sash bag and carry it for protection. 
*Add Yerba Santa to your bath water for magical
Purification and beautification.
*Pour boiling water over the herb and let steep & Enjoy the aroma for Spiritual
clarity and Awakening
*You can Relight this Sage it does Not hold onto negativity.

Yerba Santa Sage



Eucalyptus Sage  Leafs have many uses and benefits. From medicinal or as a  incense. . Native to the land of Australia Eucalyptus leaves has been used for many years to aid in health, money, and Spiritual power. Great to use in your ritual practices, potpourri, or as a simple aroma to fill your surroundings with all that is Good.
4-5" Long

Eucalyptus sage



Lavender Sage Opens your Senses to Attract  a Calm sense of  Peace and Happiness reducing the effects of Depression, Sorrow  & Anxiety.
Lavender Sage aids with Manifestation during Meditation leaving you with a
sense of Peace, Harmony  and Love also to attract those Spirits from the White Light to be there to assist you.
Lavender Sage: The name was derived from the Latin word  lavare (to wash). There is a legend that the clothing of baby Jesus was laid upon a Lavender bush and acquired the fragrance. Some Christians still regard the scent of lavender as a
safeguard against evil.  
3-4" Long

Lavender sage



Rosemary Sage  is a  sacred  Herb, associated with Aphrodite and the Virgin Mary. It is male in nature and ruled by Leo, the element fire and the sun. Rosemary Sage is a woody, perennial herb with fragrant, evergreen, needle-like leaves and white, pink, purple, or blue flowers, native to the Mediterranean region. 
Burn over your Bed to Bring in Happy Angelic Dreams. Rosemary Sage works great mixed with Lavender Sage.
* Place Rosemary Sage under your pillow to help you remember your dreams and to
keep away nightmares or other unwanted nighttime visitations.
3-4" Long

Rosemary Sage


Pinon Pine

Pinon Pine Sage: Includes Pinon (Pine Resin) to increase the Cleansing and Protective qualities of the mighty Pine. Its Spiritual & Healing qualities are Cleansing, Strengthening and Reviving.
It is used to
refresh your senses and revive a tired Mind, Body and Spirit. Pinion pine Sage relieves the mind  of Stress and Anxiety. It truly is Rejuvenating
4" Long 

Pinon Pine Sage



Prosperity Sage brings to you what you believe to be Prosperity....LOVE...Money.... Happiness.... Wisdom.....Etc
5-6" Long 

Prosperity Sage



7 Chakra Sage  White Sage with 7 Color rose Petals A colorful smudge stick covered with colorful roses. 
This sage will assist in keeping
Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit with the beauty and smell of Roses.
PLEASE NOTE: Natural rose petals are placed on sage bundle, petals may have variation in color and browning as drying process occurs.
3-4". Long

Chakra Sage



Rose of Jericho Sage Opens windows for NEW BEGINNINGS, Growth, Perseverance and LOVE .
Directions : Place your Dried up Jericho on a large plate, place your intention on a white piece of paper under the plate. Read your intention then slowly Add water to it, don't overflow, watch it grow  and  come back to life, just as
your Intention will grow and Manifest.
(water daily & Read your Intent ) until your intent has been answered . Once you have obtained what you were asking for, Tear up the paper Give Thanks , let the Jericho dry up and begin again with a New intent. 
Jericho is the
Resurrection Flower.
Size may vary

Rose of Jericho Sage



Juniper Sage is used to create Good Luck and Abundance for new ventures and a Happy Environment.  
4-5" Long

Juniper Sage


Black (Mugwort)

Black Sage amplifies the Energy of your Intentions and the Sage that you are burning. Gives everything Spiritual Increased Power.
4" Long 

Black Sage Mugwort



Keep yourself and your home Refreshed with Positive Energy

Allow the pure  Aroma to revitalize you.

Peppermint Sage



Love Sage will fill the air with an Aroma of LOVE. It awakens you to feel a true LOVE for self, others and Our Creator

Love Sage

Sage Kit

In order to Sage correctly you need the 4 Elements. This Sage Kit gives you all of the tools needed to Sage Properly.      Sage is Earth,.... when you light it, it becomes Fire, .....the Seashell is  Water ....and the the Feather is for Air.  Don't forget you need a Sage to remove Negativity and a Sage to bring in Positivity.

This kit includes Seashell.....Feather....Stand.....Palo Santo and prayer Card...small candle.

Sage Kit
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