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Give Spiritual Not Material


One of the best Gifts to give or Receive is Protection.

Spiritualism cannot be bought on the internet:

 it must be felt in person to feel it’s Energy






Lesson 1 Protection

“The Awakened you” The world is swarming with negative energy, even though us light workers are trying so hard to be grounded, spiritually enriched, loving & mindful of others emotions. You cannot stay focused on your light workers path without protecting yourself on a daily basis!

You must wear Tourmaline & Pyrite as a pendant, or carry in your bra or pocket.

Tourmaline collects other people’s negative energies,

and Pyrite mirrors it away.

I, CC, keep my Tourmaline in one side of my bra and in the other a Pyrite.

As soon as the Tourmaline is full of negative energy it will literally bite you (then you must get it off of you so that it does NOT bounce into your body), meanwhile the Pyrite mirrors away others negative so that the Tourmaline does not have to work so hard and you are doubly protected.

Always have back up Tourmaline, “to switch out”

I CC, recommend that you Sage yourself & your Crystals Daily. This Ritual avoids any buildup of Negative energy. If you set up an area close to your door it will remind you to sage yourself when you walk into your home, also it is out and ready to use.

Palo Santo Sage is a great way to Open Up your Senses, give Gratitude, Keep you filled with LOVE & Positive Energy. Palo Santo should be used every morning!

Messages from CC's Angels

October  2019:

Warning,  Something BIG is coming in April 2020, My Angels cannot tell me what but it will effect the entire world! Please take time to grow Spiritually, Raise your Vibration, Meditate, Pray, make yourself Pure of Light, Love and be filled with Peace and Compassion for all and everything. More to come on this soon!

March 27, 2020

     As most of you are aware, in October 2019,  my Angels gave me a message to pass on to all who were interested that something Big was going to occur in April of 2020. They however did not disclose what this would be they only advised me to take Heed to their warning to Prepare by advising for all to Close off old Chapters of their lives, return to Prayer, spend time in daily meditation to hear and receive Angelic messages and raise your Vibration to be in tune and in sync with the Higher Vibration of the 5th Dimension. A vibration of LOVE, Peace, Harmony and Compassion.!


  • This meant wake up earlier than usual, go outside and reground yourself with Mother earth, say your Prayers, enjoy all that Mother earth has to offer us.

  • Stay off of Technology and use the extra time to communicate with your Angels.

  • Never, never go to bed without Giving Thanks for the day and all that you have. If perhaps you experienced a bad day then Close the Chapter for that day and Open up Windows for the light to shine on the upcoming day.

  • Sage yourself daily, in the AM Palo Santo to open up all of your senses and filling your heart with tons of Love to both give & Receive it. Use white sage at night to remove all of the Negative that you picked up during the day. (All of this is quite simple However it takes TIME…!!!!

Something most were not willing to give.) So, where are we now?????

We NOW have Time   with most of us Unemployed…….So, are you doing these simple yet POWERFUL rituals?????

  • Candle Magic is soooooo Powerful, If you take the time to Light and relight your Candle daily with Prayer and Intent the Universe is listening to you. Your intent should be that of which coincides with the traits of the 5th Dimension. *if you work on making yourself PURE of Love….Light….&…  Compassion once you have reached the Angelic version of self the rest that you dream of will automatically come True.

To be continued…..

Why Clear Quartz Crystal is so important to own and work with

CC Says: "Clear Quartz is your Master Crystal, it 

should be the first and Favorite Crystal that you own".


I began working with Clear Quartz Crystal when I was 16 years old and working as a

waitress. My parents had fallen on hard times, my dad got Cancer and they lost their

business so I needed to help them out financially.

I did not know to much about Crystals back then but my Angels taught me that if I talked

to my Quartz Crystal it would help me to manifest just what I needed within reason. My Prayers

were for my dad to get healed and for me to make enough money to help out the family.


Guess what? Even my dads doctors said “it was a Miracle but he was cured from his colon cancer after surgery and I made enough money to help out.


Now days I use my Quartz Crystal just about every day, programing it for something different every day and always being given what I ask it for. I love all of my Crystals but I also treat them with the utmost LOVE & Respect that they deserve, why; because they work hard for me.!


If you are asking to manifest abundance (money) you must always work with a Rose Quartz for LOVE and a green candle with red sand. Why? The  important thing that you should Pray for is an Abundance of  LOVE and then all of the other abundances will come your way.!


Rose Quartz Crystal

                         Love …Oh what  a feeling!!!!!!



Love for God

Love for Self

Love for everyone and everything else.


Here are just a couple of ways to receive more LOVE..!!!

Work with the Crystal Rose Quartz, or encircle your heart and ask God to fill your heart up with More LOVE.


The cycle of Giving and Receiving

When we only give LOVE we become depleted, It is always best to always wear a Rose Quartz whether a Raw Rose Quartz in your pocket or bra, a Rose Quartz Bracelet or Anklet, or a Rose Quartz pendant or heart pendant.

CC’s Story:


Every Morning I allow my Angels to guide me with what Crystals I should wear for that day.

(Remember your Angels know more than you}

So, this one morning my Angels told me to wear 2 Rose Quartz bracelets. Ok I said, That day it seemed like everyone that came into CC Sees your Guiding Light was an emotional wreck. After giving so much Love and Compassion I noticed that the first Rose Quartz bracelet was No longer rose color it was white, which meant it was completely drained of all of it’s energy.

By the end of the day both Rose Quartz bracelets were completely drained of energy. So whether they gave me the extra Love to keep giving Love or whether they directly gave the Love to the people, it did not matter they did what they were supposed to and the beads are now in my backyard garden for Mother earth.!


            Crystal Wands (Obelisk)


are Super popular right now …Why, Because they work.


Whatever the Crystal wand represents you will use it to remove unwanted Energy

and bring in Positivity.


Example:  Rose Quartz Wand (Obelisk) : Place the wand in the palm of your

Dominant hand, Face the point of your Rose Quartz wand  towards your

finger tips. Now move the wand to your elbow and roll it down towards your

finger tips releasing all Anger…..hatred….unforgiveness….etc

  (do this 3 or 4 times) 

Shake the point of the wand towards the ground and ask Mother earth to take the

Negative and turn it into Positive and give it back to the earth.


Now, take the Rose Quartz Wand and angle the point towards your elbow

(on your less dominant Hand) begin at your finger tips and roll the wand up to

your elbow and bring in all of the LOVE that the Rose quartz wand has to offer.

(do this 3 or 4 times)…You should actually get chills from the power of your

Rose Quartz Wand.


Sage you wand when done with 1 small leaf of Sage asking for the negativity to be

removed and Thanking it for it’s hard work and all of it’s LOVE.


CC Sees your Guiding light has over 40 different Crystal wands, Stop in and allow us to teach you the proper way to use them,(as described above)


The Importance of Octobers Full Moon


*Don’t miss the Amazing things that the Hunter’s moon has to offer.

Spend a little time to Create your Specialty Candle, Have your

Palo Santo Sage ready, Make sure you have your

Crystals Lepidolite & Icelandic Spar.


Did you know that the Hunter’s moon has the power to HEAL

your emotions ?

Do you also know that the Hunter’s moon can heighten your

Spiritual sensitivity? Because of the sudden change in the

moon’s color, you will experience a slight change in your vibration,

which heightens all your Spiritual senses.

This Means that you will perceive things more easily during the

Hunter’s moon, and have more vivid

Psychic dreams .  (Check out our Book on Psychic Dreaming.)


Prepare for changes

First Close your Chapters Live in the NOW


You will need to light a Pink Candle  because it is all about Forgiveness …Emotional well being….. Compassion

So, CC recommends a Pink Candle with Purple Sand.   Why? In order to heal emotionally you must first Forgive Self and others. The Purple sand will assist in growing Spiritually.


Crystals Needed

Lepidolite & Icelandic Spar. Hold onto or sleep with Lepidolite, it is a natural antidepressant it will calm and ease your Emotions.

Icelandic Spar should be placed in your candle, It will amplify your Intentions, You can also hold Icelandic Spar to raise your Vibration and increase your Spirituality.

When you light your candle and set your intention be sure to bless yourself and your home with Palo Santo


The common spiritual meaning of the hunter’s moon prepares us for change.

It opens our eyes to see the power and benefits of embracing change.

Anytime it shows up in the sky, it reveals that winter is coming.

In the same way, the hunter’s moon has come to reveal that a major change is about to happen in our lives.

Therefore, we need to be prepared for it. 

Just like the winter season allows trees to grow, the hunter’s moon has created an opportunity for you to experience growth in all aspects of your life.

Spiritually, it is also telling us that we need to make changes to grow and adhere to Living in the NOW and NOT holding onto the Past.

You need to  progress and it will be  revealed  to us that we are making evident success in our lives.


Change & the Spiritual Messages

Octobers Full Moon is a Hunters Full Moon that tells us that is a time for Growth and Change.

You can accomplish this if you are willing to take the time and put the effort into Spiritual change which will then incorporate Life Changes.

Everyone is seeking instant gratification but they are NOT willing to give the extra time in which it takes to perform Spiritual Rituals and Speak with their Angels to assist in Growth.

Spend time in CC’s Healing Center to bring you back to Perfect Balance!


For those  people who are depressed and anxious, Make the change and work with an Lepidolite Crystal to relieve the anxiety.

to those who think that their lives are stagnant, Live in the now raise your Vibration with Chrome diopside or Icelandic Spar Crystals.

Just like the winter season allows trees to grow, the hunter’s moon has created an opportunity for you to experience growth in your life.

The universe will send this message to prove that things are working if you put the work into your Spiritual Enhancement.


Stop into CC Sees Your Guiding Light and allow us to teach you what you need to do to grow with Octobers Hunters Full Moon!

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