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Give Spiritual Not Material


One of the best Gifts to give or Receive is Protection.

Spiritualism cannot be bought on the internet:

 it must be felt in person to feel it’s Energy


Lesson 1 Protection

“The Awakened you” The world is swarming with negative energy, even though us light workers are trying so hard to be grounded, spiritually enriched, loving & mindful of others emotions. You cannot stay focused on your light workers path without protecting yourself on a daily basis!

You must wear Tourmaline & Pyrite as a pendant, or carry in your bra or pocket.

Tourmaline collects other people’s negative energies,

and Pyrite mirrors it away.

I, CC, keep my Tourmaline in one side of my bra and in the other a Pyrite.

As soon as the Tourmaline is full of negative energy it will literally bite you (then you must get it off of you so that it does NOT bounce into your body), meanwhile the Pyrite mirrors away others negative so that the Tourmaline does not have to work so hard and you are doubly protected.

Always have back up Tourmaline, “to switch out”

I CC, recommend that you Sage yourself & your Crystals Daily. This Ritual avoids any buildup of Negative energy. If you set up an area close to your door it will remind you to sage yourself when you walk into your home, also it is out and ready to use.

Palo Santo Sage is a great way to Open Up your Senses, give Gratitude, Keep you filled with LOVE & Positive Energy. Palo Santo should be used every morning!

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