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The reason for performing an Incense Ritual is to Purify and Bless   yourself

and your Surroundings.

 *Always state an intention before Lighting your Candle and burning your incense.

     The Smoke blesses your body and Space and carries your Prayers to the Universe (Heaven).


Here at CC Sees Your Guiding Light we have several Varieties of Incense

and they are   all-NATURAL Resin Incense.


Types of Resin Incense:

Moon energy manifestation     Spiritual Blessings      Come to me

 New Beginnings   Good Fortune  Frankincense & Myrrh 

Frankincense   Myrrh 

Love   Stress Relief    Magical  Protection

Positive Vibes    Relax and Heal

*Remember to stock up on extra Charcoal


CC highly recommends the natural resin over the sticks because the sticks contain chemicals

and you want to keep everything PURE in your Spiritual Realm.


Believe me, it really is a lot more work and takes more time to use the Natural Resign Incense,

but I have always found that doing things the right way and taking time

to perform the rituals correctly has always ENHANCED my life.


CC and her Staff will Educate and Teach you the proper way to use your Resin Incense,

so you too can reap your full benefits. You will instantly notice the difference and become addicted to the beautiful Aroma and the blessings brought upon you.



Incense Burners


CC Sees Your Guiding Light  has over  20 different Unique  Incense Burners

 My Personal Favorite Is:

   The Incense Burner with the handle, Why;  with a handle  you are able to maneuver the smoke easily around your Entire Body and Carry it throughout your home with ease and comfort.

Incense - Burner
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