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Our Services

All of us here, are completely filled with Pure LOVE & Knowledge

that Surpasses most all in our field.


WE offer many Services to assist you with the Balancing of your Mind, Body & Spirit

to take you to a Heightened Awareness.

Not only do we offer the highest of Angelic knowledge but we also 

Openly share our knowledge to Educate & Teach you how to keep that Peace &

Balance in your Life!


All of us joined together for 1 common goal:

To guide you along your Spiritual Journey!

A getaway to assist you in maintaining your Balance & Light

Please click on the tab or picture for your service of Interest:

When booking an appointment a fee of $75.00 or more is required. It is non-refundable. If you would like to reschedule we need at least a 72 hour notice to be eligible to reschedule your appointment.

Psychic Medium speak to loved ones

Psychic Medium (Speak to passed loved ones)

Pine Cones

Pinecone Readings

Chakra Realigning
CC Reading Room

Chakra Realigning 

Spiritual Readings

Crystal Healing Bed

Clearing and Cleansings


Energy Healing and Reiki

Energy Healing / Reiki

Clearing Crystals
Crystal Healing Bed
Crystal Healing Bed

Crystal Healing Bed

Cleanse Crystals

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