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Our Services

All of us here, are completely filled with Pure LOVE & Knowledge

that Surpasses most all in our field.


WE offer many Services to assist you with the Balancing of your Mind, Body & Spirit

to take you to a Heightened Awareness.

Not only do we offer the highest of Angelic knowledge but we also 

Openly share our knowledge to Educate & Teach you how to keep that Peace &

Balance in your Life!


All of us joined together for 1 common goal:

To guide you along your Spiritual Journey!

A getaway to assist you in maintaining your Balance & Light

Please click on the tab or picture for your service of Interest:

When booking an appointment a fee of $75.00 or more is required. It is non-refundable. If you would like to reschedule we need at least a 72 hour notice to be eligible to reschedule your appointment.

Psychic Medium (Speak to passed loved ones)

Pinecone Readings

Spiritual Readings

Crystal Healing Bed

Chakra Realigning 

Energy Healing / Reiki

House Cleansings


Cleanse Crystals

Energy Healing Circles

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