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Closing Chapters

This is So Important!    Since 2018 I have been attempting to get everyone to

Close their Chapters Why; because my Angels warned me just on how important it would be for Our future. 

2020, here we are shifted into the 5th Dimension.... a Dimension of living in the NOW filled with Love,   Light,   Peace and Compassion and a Much

Higher Vibration.

   You cannot live in the past, you Cannot hold onto the past 

Should of....Would of.....Could of's..... 

You MUST let it all go and concentrate on your Awakening...growing Spiritual, one with Source and achieving your Purpose; the one you were put on this earth to do!

So, follow the instructions below, do NOT let the dark forces stop you from achieving this.

Stick with it and get it done, so that you can reap the benefits that the universe has to offer you. 

*Important this is NOT a one time ritual....every night take a minute to give Thanks for the day. If you had a Bad Day CLOSE that chapter and OPEN windows to bring in New Light & Positive Energy for the upcoming day. "you will do this until the day you leave this earth"

Warning  Once you have Closed your Chapters the Dark side will be busy at work attempting to torture your mind. Whatever Bad thought comes into your mind.....Claim it as a Happy thought...remember something wonderful that came from that experience then send the Dark side   LOVE & LIGHT....Love & Light....Love & Light..... eventually  they will go away...and move onto someone else.. The dark-sides goal is to make & keep us unhappy & filled with fear.  Trust me this works but you have work very hard to keep yourself filled with Pure LOve & Light to reach your highest potential.

Forgiveness Prayer

    God wants you to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all you can imagine!

He wants to pour out His favor on you and open opportunities that are beyond your expectations!

How does His power work in us? When we yield ourselves to Him, when we obey His Word and what we do pleases Him, more of His power is available in our lives.


When we put Him first in everything that we do, when we choose LOVE, we are allowing more of Him to work in and through us.

 When we choose God’s way, we get God’s results: Peace of Mind,   Prayers answered, Blessing,   Miracles, windows that open to Success of all kinds.



Today, no matter what you are facing, know that when you invite God into your circumstances, He will transform them! He will do more than you could ever imagine. Line yourself up with His Word in your thoughts, words and actions, and watch Him do exceedingly abundantly far and beyond what you could ever imagine!

Prayer for the Forgiveness of Sins Our Mistakes!: Take a moment to recall the ways that you may have failed God or others, such as in lying, temper, lust, jealousy etc. and then meditate on the words below:

Father, Bless me with the wonderful power of forgiveness, give me the Unconditional Love to forgive those who have hurt & done me wrong.

Give me the strength to let go of all the wrong I have done and the strength to Forgive myself of my own failings and sins, knowing good and well that you have already forgiven me, and I LOVE you for that.


 Free my mind from all Anger, hatred, jealously & those who I cannot forgive. Continue to bring your Love & Light into my life daily.

So I ask now for Your forgiveness For the wrongs that I have done, And  the things that I have neglected, I ask for Your forgiveness For the people I have hurt along the way
And those who I have failed to love as You love I ask for Your forgiveness

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