CLeansing Crystals


All the information that I share has been channeled through me by My Angels & Spirit Guide so that all is filled with Love, Light, & Truth.

My goal is to help keep you on this AMAZING Spiritual Path, that I have been on for over 45 years.

Crystals are Unique in every way and you need to make them your Best Friend, and treat them as a Sacred tool! Thus, cleansing them and making sure they stay filled with positive energy will allow them be with you for much longer.

Cleansing your Crystals

Crystals absorb both Positive & Negative vibrations all the time. When you feel wonderful and happy you will consistently give off positive vibrations to those around you and your crystal. However, if someone near you is having a bad day then all they are doing is projecting out negative vibrations whether they know it or not.

To keep Positive energy within your crystals, you need to cleanse them frequently.

If you don't cleanse your crystals they will retain negative energy  and won't work for you properly. 

There are several different ways to cleanse your Crystals, but please stick to the basic ones listed below.


1. Distilled Water & Sea Salt   2. Sage / Smudging  3. Selenite Crystal / Candle holder 4. Tibetan Singing Bowl

Before Cleansing:

*Be sure to cleanse Crystals in your Sacred Space, Always clear Negativity by Smudging your Sacred Space. This will make sure that no negativity will be left within your area or crystals.

(Optional) burn a candle with any of your intentions to fill your Sacred Space with extra positivity.

During Cleansing

*Always say a small prayer or ask the Divine Source to help clear the negative vibrations and bring in WHITE LIGHT energy into the crystals.  

I, CC,  always ask that my Stone be induced with LOVE, LIGHT & HAPPINESS.

After Cleansing:


*CC Says You must always reprogram your Crystals with your Intentions after the cleansing process, I recommend holding it over your white candle and then bringing it to your mouth and talking to it just like you speak to Divine Source & your Angels!

*Always Thank Divine Source for assisting you with the Clearing & Reprogramming your Crystal.


Warning: Do NOT use your crystals if you have not cleansed them in over a month! Crystals will retain negative energies and by keeping them on your body all you're doing is bringing in negative energy.

Distilled Water & Sea SAlt

What is needed:    1.Glass or Crystal Bowl  2.Distilled Water  3. Sea Salt

Refer back to Before, During, & After Cleansing to make sure crystals are properly cleansed.

1.    Place your crystal in a Crystal / Glass bowl,  pour Distilled water over them enough to cover the crystal & sprinkle sea salt on top.

2.    Let it sit anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours (you will be able to know when your crystal has been fully cleansed by using your intuition / listen to your spirit guides).

3.    Remove stone & dry with a clean white cloth.

By using distilled water you are ensuring there are no other minerals in the water so that the water can be as pure as possible. The sea salt will pull out any negativity your crystals may be holding. 





After use, the salt water must be flushed away and never re-used because it will have absorbed negative and unwanted energies. By putting more crystals to cleanse in the same water you're just making them worse.

Be sure that your stone can be placed in water. Never put any Selenite, metals, or stones too many cracks.

Sage Smudging

What is needed:   1. Sage     2. Abalone Shell    3. Feather

Refer back to Before, During, & After Cleansing to make sure crystals are properly cleansed.

Sage smoke is VERY powerful to cleanse you, your stones and the environment where you live if used properly.

You Can Use White sage, Blue sage, or Dragon's Blood sage to pull out any of the negativity.

To Smudge Your Crystals:

Light your sage with a candle (avoid using a lighter) to keep it as natural and as powerful as it can get. The smoke is what does all the cleansing, at this point hold your crystal over the smoke until the smoke either goes out or if your intuition tells you it's ready.


















Warning: Always Discard of used sage, relighting burnt sage allows captured negative to flow back out. It's best to throw it outside or bury it, either way Mother Earth will recycle that energy.

Selenite Crystal

Cleansing Crystals with Selenite


What is needed:    1.Rough Selenite    (Bigger than the crystal you want to cleanse)

Refer back to Before, During, & After Cleansing to make sure crystals are properly cleansed.

*Selenite recycles A Person’s or Stone's negative ENERGY and turns it into positivity.

* Selenite enhances the properties of other stones for CLEARING AND CHARGING them.

Place Crystals on top of, around your Selenite or inside your Selenite Candle holder then let it sit for up to 1 - 24 hours ( you will just know how long, use your intuitiveness or Angels to guide you)


If a Crystal needs a much deeper and more thorough cleansing it can be left for up to 1 week!

Warning: DON'T CLEANSE SELENITE WITH WATER. Always cleanse you Selenite with Sage to clear & recharge. 

Large Heading


What is needed: Tibetan, Himalayan, or a Crystal Singing Bowl


Refer back to Before, During, & After Cleansing to make sure crystals are properly cleansed.

Set up your Sacred space making sure the  area is free of clutter and mess, providing a clean and worry-free work space.


Set  the bowl up so that it is perfectly balanced then set the stones / crystals in front or inside of the singing bowl.


For a more Intense cleanse you can set these pieces in a Crystal bowl filled with Distilled water and sea salt.


Strike the singing bowl three times with brief pauses in between. Every pause should be used to clear your mind and focus your intention to cleaning the stones and crystals.


Move the mallet in a clockwise rhythm around the rim of the bowl to create singing. Applying Various pressures and positions will produce different pitches and tones.


The music you create combined with your intentions will remove negative energies from the stones and crystals



















Warning: Placing water in certain types of singing bowls might ruin the quality over time.