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A Pendulum gives you a  Yes  or  No  answer to questions that you do not know the answer to.


Pendulum uses: to receive answers to questions or to guide in decision making.


You must  treat your pendulum as a Sacred tool and use it respectfully. 


You must   be Clear of any Negative Energy.

It is Best that you Sage yourself, the Pendulum and the area before asking  any questions.

It is Smart to be wearing your Tourmaline  &  Pyrite Crystals   for Protection.

Make sure that you are hydrated and have eaten something small.

Say a prayer to your Guides and Angels before beginning.

To be accurate with a pendulum it takes  practice  to learn how to interpret 

what the pendulum is telling you.

There is no right or wrong.  How it will show you  YES and  NO  can be different each session

depending on the pendulum or until you get more practice.

How To physically use a Pendulum

Hold the chain of the pendulum between you thumb and index finger.


1. Sit or stand in a comfortable position with both feet on the floor.

2. Holding the Pendulum ask it: Show Me  Yes

*The most common YES is a clockwise circle 

3.  Stop the motion and then ask SHOW Me NO.

*The most common is swinging side to side

4. Ask Are you from White Light?

5. Do I: Do I have permission to ask questions for myself?

*If the Pendulums tells you that it is not from the “White Light”

You MUST immediately Sage yourself, your area and the Pendulum.

Phrasing Questions

Keep your questions as clear and simple as possible.

Be willing to hear the answer even if you don't like it.

Ask your questions in NOW and be aware you are taking a snapshot in time.

The answer might be different in an hour, a week, or a year. Pay attention to shifts and changes in yourself, your surroundings, and your circumstances

and be prepared to ask the same questions again, if appropriate.

*(If you are asking a question in regard to another person, ask:

Do I have permission to ask a question for____________)


Now comes the hardest part: TRUST THE ANSWER YOU GET!

If you ask the same question over and over, you will get contradictory answers.

This leads to frustration and anger and can cause you to think this doesn't work. Ask the question, receive the answer, and act on it. As results confirm your answers, you'll become more confident.

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