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We all need Protection in this day and age, Whether it is Saint Michael the Archangel who Protects us,

or Saint Benedict who keeps away Evil.

*Keep in mind, Tourmaline and Pyrite Crystals keep away Negative energy

but Saint Michael and Saint Benedict Protects us from the lower dark energies, (Evil Spirits).

Remember you must have Faith in who they are and just what they can do for you.


Hot tip: You must sage everything you wear or use with 1 leaf of Sage .....if you Do NOT you will be putting on all of the negativity energy that it collected which will make you physically or Emotionally sick!!!!!!!

Protection Bracelets

Saint Michael Statues


Saint Michael the Archangel of Protection


Invoke the Protective and Courageous energy of Archangel Michael with our captivating collection of Saint Michael Statues.


Meticulously crafted with reverence and attention to detail, these statues embody the strength and divine power of this beloved Archangel. With his sword raised high and his wings spread wide, each statue represents Michael's unwavering commitment to Defend and Shield against negative forces.


Whether displayed as a symbol of faith and devotion or as a reminder of divine protection, our Saint Michael Statues inspire a sense of reassurance and spiritual fortitude.


Let the presence of these statues serve as a reminder that you are supported and guided by the celestial realm, and that you have a powerful ally in your Spiritual journey.


Embrace the extraordinary presence of Saint Michael and invite his courageous energy into your life, as you navigate the path of righteousness and embrace the divine light that illuminates your soul.

Saint Michael
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