Crystals & Stones

Crystals & Stones

Crystals and Raw Stones


CC Spiritual shop offers You the Largest and Most reasonable selection of Crystals & Raw Stones here in Las Vegas.

We take great Pride in the Care of our Crystal and Stones.

WHY, because we are a Unique Spiritual Shop

With our Motto being :


“This is NOT just a Business it IS Our way of Life”


Here at CC Sees your Guiding Light  CC, Alex, & Crew all contain a wealth of knowledge readily available when you come in to purchase your Crystal.

Most of you are confused from too much information on line, so allow us to make it easy and give you the Correct information, knowledge and Guidance.


We purchase our Stones from a few  reputable suppliers and most Crystals are handpicked.

We never put a Stone out until it is properly Cleansed and Power charged so that you will have the best stone available to you.



*Do you know How to Properly Cleanse Your Crystals?

*Do you make your Crystals your Best Friend by Speaking to them and Recharging them with your Energy & Intent?

*Do you fully understand the Meaning & Purpose of each and every stone you have in your Collection?

*Do you know which Crystals are strictly for Beauty and Have no Power?

These questions and so many more can be answered just by stopping in and visiting us!

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