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Dowsing Rods

This is a great tool to use to get Yes or No answers, find lost items

or locate and communicate with Spirits.


You can purchase in store or online.



When using Pendulms CC strongly suggests that you wear a

Protective Stone, such as Tourmaline, Pyrite, Obsidian, Kyanite, Black Onyx etc.


And always have a bundle of White Sage or Blue Sage close by just in case a Negative unwanted dark spirit comes around.




      We offer a HUGE selection of Pendulums here at CC Sees your Guiding Light


Pendulums can give you a yes or no answer or guide you in decision making.

We are here to educate you on the proper use of a Pendulum.



Just like a Crystal you must choose the Specific one that calls out to you because you will be making it your best friend but just for a while. Why?



CC Says: We are all born Gifted and you must tune into your own psychic abilities, Tools are used in the beginning of your journey or to assist you with your Awakening and Growing in the Spiritual Realm.

Pendulums - $19.95 & Up

Includes FREE Velvet Bag

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