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Practitioners & Specialists

Practitioners & Specialists

Greetings from CC See's Specialist! We are all talented and born gifted, we have chosen the same path and we follow our motto here.


"This is not just a business.... It is our way of Life"

CC Readings

CC (The Owner)

*Energy Healer



*Golden Bar Healing (Founder)


*Being Raised:................................................................ in a home built in the 1800’s in downtown Los Angeles,  

Ghosts  and  Paranormal activity was a daily occurrence.

This encouraged me to study and interact with those who had passed on.     

( boy I should have written  A book on the Ghostly activities in that house!)



*Being Born:... with many Spiritual  Gifts  & the name Cathy Di Domenico of Italian descent and a Catholic upbringing,

I have chosen the name   C.C.    why?……well…..let me explain…………


.. I  have been able to  See,  Hear    and    interact  with Spirits    since I was a child, which  has been a

  Blessing  &  sometimes  a  Challenge...


Most people who came  into my life  that  DID NOT  understand the spiritual world,   it made  it easy for them to say.... ….

Hey Cathy,!      Do you know that you are crazy?      and I would laugh and say ….YES,      I know it looks like that to you but  I  LOVE & would NOT change this  Craziness for anything.!  hence …..C.C. was created for Crazy Cathy…

now 50 years later I am accepted.!


*Growing Up:.... In my younger years I was surrounded by  Latinos who welcomed the fact that I was Gifted and they encouraged


and taught me many of the Latino SPIRITUAL TRADITIONS, then  In 1991 I was instructed by Mama Mary

 to pack up and take a


Spiritual Journey across the United States, (being told NOT to be AFRAID) that my Angels & Spirit Guides 

would guide me step by step


and when this journey was over I would have to decide  whether I wanted to give the remainder of my Life to


Spiritually Guiding others or would I would be faced with my Life here on earth ending.


This Journey was so Spiritually enriching with every day being just as  unbelievable as the next,  as you see, I choose to


remain here to assist any and all who are  in need of Spiritual Guidance  and direction   on a path to the

 BLESSED LIGHT and their Awakening.!



For many years I offered my gifts Free of Charge and paid my dues so now I would like to reach out on a much larger scale & start the

next chapter in this amazing world of  LOVE and LIGHT and I hope you are ready to awaken your inner self and  let

CC See your Guiding Light



  *Present:.... In working with several Angels & Spirit Guides for many years I have fine-tuned my gifts…all I have to do is LISTEN to their Guide &


watch the Video that THEY  play in my  MIND’S EYE   so I can accomplish just about anything in the Metaphysical world……

Remember I Am just a facilitator, they give All of the guidance.

Who I Am: My entire Life all I have ever wanted to do was to help people out in any way that was

beneficial for them.


As a child: I did not fully understand the extent of the Gift that I was given at birth, however, the results

were quite evident. My family & friends that I laid hands on experienced the absence of pain &

a feeling of rejuvenation from the Intense heat emulating from my hands.

Years later: Working with my gift I then realized that I could use my gift to begin healing


others from a distance with my energy. Excited with this new found information about what I


could do I naturally wanted to begin practicing energy work. As the years passed and my


Energy became stronger and more refined I then began Long distance healing. So excited &


intrigued about this new found energy I knew it was time to begin my career as an Energy worker.

Guidance: Allowing My Angels to guide me, I happened to stop by CC's and fell in love with the


environment and the energy of the shop only to realize that this is where I was meant to be. Working


alongside with CC my gift exponentially grew to the point where I could easily circle any pain or

negative that anyone might have, and simply guide out the negative energy to relieve them. I then go


back over the area in need and place my hands above to emit my healing energy.

Experience: I have worked with many different cases ranging from physical, emotional, or even spiritual pain. 

Although I'm young I have decided to use this amazing gift I was born with to do as much for


others as I possibly can. 

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