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Animal Spirit Readings

Animal Spirit Readings

        It is always best to Call Ahead  to make sure   CC   is there


Just knowing who your Animal Spirit is that you were born with is an Amazing Door opener to the animal Spirit realm.


   *If you give Honor to your Animal Spirit guide he will bring you so many animals in your Dream or Awake state when you are stuck

and in need of direction.


* It is just like getting a Psychic reading all of the time.


I CC, pay close attention to the animals that appear in my daily life because as you know a Psychic cannot read themselves so I depend on the messages from my Animal Spirit guides and Angels.



                    How a Animal Spirit Guide Reading works


Stop into CC Sees your Guiding Light 

Pick out a Pine Cone or bring your own and CC will read it.

After CC sees who your animal Spirit guide is she will read to you

your personality traits out of  a book and when they suite you perfectly,

(and they will) then CC will revel just who your Spirit animal is

and teach you how to work with them.

Your Spirit Animal will bring you animal visions in your Dreams, or in

your daily life. You must immediately research the Spiritual meaning of


that animal. As you read the story it will have to do with everything that


you are going though in Life at that exact moment, whether good or bad

it will give you an affirmation that you are on the right path and


everything will be OK!

* It is always best that you place a figurine, or a picture of your animal guide in a place of honor. I personally keep mine on my nightstand to guide me in my Dream state.





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