Singing Bowls & Sounds

As CC says,  Oh what a Feeling. …

Sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell of our body.



To choose a Singing bowl that resonates with your personal energy and to fully attune to its vibration,


…. You must    SEE it,  ….FEEL it,  and   Bond with it..!!


You must accept the Sound Vibration so that it can vibrate and begin to  heal every cell of your body and know that you are not just hearing it  YOU ARE Feeling it!



For this very reason, CC Sees Your Guiding Light

Has in Stock & Sells so many Tibetan and Crystal Singing bowls.

(this is also why we encourage you to not purchase Singing Bowls on Line)



It is exactly the same as choosing a Crystal it will Call out to you!



Stop in and allow us to educate and teach you how to properly play your Singing bowl.


*Please allow yourself enough time to sample and play all of them so that you are sure to take home the one that truly resonates with your vibration.