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Edward White

5 reviews

June 8, 2024

CC is an expert at healing. After I had my chakras aligned she asked if I had nerve damage in my left hand. It shakes from a traumatic accident when I was a kid. She healed it and gave me a stone to use if it's acting up.




Patricia Epson

1 review

June 4, 2024

This review is long overdue. I went to Cici like three weeks ago and I walked in feeling OK but when I left, I feel great. She explained what items I may need based off what I was telling her I was looking to do . She had a very great energy in the vibrations there is through the roof. She wasn’t forceful. She allow me to wander the store until I found what I needed, and if I asked her for suggestions, she definitely gave me some excellent choices. I even Went to One of the open rooms and share a couple tears I don’t know where they came from but they comfort me just a little I appreciate that I will be going back soon to get a reading from her Other things, but I will be back and I want to thank her and her associates but everything I left out of there feeling relief and into this day that feeling has not left


May Rios

June 4, 2024

Every time I come into CC store she is always helpful.. she is amazing! You definitely need to come an check out her store. Her employees are always helpful an very friendly. It always feels positive an welcoming


Zoe Martinez

3 reviews

a year ago

This shop is unique in that it’s 100% purposefully organized. Every last inch of this shop is filled with love and positive energy. Everyone I know that has gone to CC’s shop for readings, crystals, candles or any of her services has been impacted greatly with positivity and love. Just walking into her shop, immediately you will feel the goodness that grows there. CC herself is a soul of light & love. She is honest, kind and compassionate. Her readings are the REAL DEAL. I considered myself very neutral when it came to spirituality before my path crossed hers but since meeting CC and going to her shop I have found new purpose and an understanding I would’ve never had without her. I can’t imagine that you will EVER find a shop that is truthfully made to heal and nurture people. Everything sold there is not just of high quality but is ensured to be real items, from the stones to the palo santo, it’s all REAL. This shop, it’s practices and the people that work there are truly a beacon of light in this crazy world. I will recommend CC and her shop to anyone I meet, this place is truly remarkable and I am so fortunate to have found it.




Ashley Harris

Reviewer stats1 review • 0 photos

Review left by Ashley Harris

starstarstarstarstar 1 week ago

Oh my where do I start! I have been coming to CCs since 2019 and she has never disappointed me! Every reading, the information she is full of and the LOVE! When you walk into the shop you can instantly feel the love! So many times have I been gone months on end and each time I have returned I was never forgotten and always welcomed with smiles, hugs, and love! This woman is so strong, beautiful and the love that pours our of her is endless. I can stress this enough come in and enjoy every inch of the store and the pure open arms of love. Give your guides and angels a chance to clearly speak to you and guide you in such a safe space. No gimmicks to get your money, no up sales, simply information to guide you. This will always be my safe space and I hope anyone who is reading this feels the same love and joy I do and get the answers and help they need to continue down their spiritual journey!

I LOVE YOU CC and I appreciate you walking with me fearless through this journey of mine and with so much patience 🥰🤗🤗

Also the prices are amazing!!!



Esperanza Torres

2 reviews·3 photos

a year ago

Positive: Quality

I can’t put into words the way this amazing crystal shop has changed my life. From the first moment I walked in I knew it was something absolutely special. You cannot go wrong coming here. The feeling of peace and the energies you encounter while inside the shop is unimaginable and I can’t explain in. I have found the store I will always go to for all of the tools I need on my spiritual journey. CC is best, I love her so much because she is helping me on my journey which I will always be grateful for. I would give this shop a million stars if I could. YOU HAVE TO GO VISIT! All of the employees are always so nice and everyone is so helpful in guiding you throughout the store no matter what question you need help with, they always have the answer to guide you to what you’re looking for. The animals are the best as well! Spreading Love and Light always💗


Daniela Soto Carrillo

1 review·14 photos

a year ago

I am appalled at some of the comments that are being left on here for reviews. They are absolutely not what I have experienced each & every time I come to CC's. CC & her team are the friendliest, most helpful, warm hearted, lifting individuals. CC is by far the one person I have ever met that has no ego & always goes through out her day HELPING & offering the guidance & support to anyone that may need it. This shop is amazing, extensive & beyond what words can describe of the feeling you get as soon as you walk in here. Having a reading with her open my eyes wider than my ego wanted but thanks to her & her angels, my life is amazing forward two years. Being in her Healing Center is beyond uplifting & healing. You are in a place where you are safe, you matter & you are seen. Taking her classes has taught me so much, things I didn't even know I needed to know. The prices for the crystals may be a few bucks higher than other stores but you will not find the kind of selection she has anywhere else in Vegas AND she individually cleanses, BLESSES & activates them (something no other shop does) so they vibrate at a very high vibration, helping us in our journey of discovery become much easier. They take pride in what they do & what they offer to their clientele. Don't be egoistic when you're supposed to be spiritual. Be about love & light. Don't let these negative reviews fool you, CC's is a place of love & light & you will get healing from just walking in & admiring the beautiful portal you just entered. Blessings.



Lindsey Shirley

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Review left by Lindsey Shirley

starstarstarstarstar 2 weeks ago

Such a beautiful, high-vibrational place! The staff were so loving and kind, my mom and I were hugging all of them. This is a sacred, powerful portal, not just a "store." So many angels hang around, you can feel the Divine Love here. So grateful for Soul-led businesses like this❤️



Walter Waiters

Local Guide·20 reviews

2 weeks agoNEW

Awesome Energy! From the moment I walked in the vibe was positive. CC's knowledge about crystals was the best I've witnessed here in Vegas. I recommend anyone who is just getting into healing crystals as well as those who feel as if they know it all. Fair pricing and a staff that knows what they are talking about. Thanks



Jennifer Mezydlo

3 reviews

3 months ago

I can’t say enough about how great this store is. Everyone that works there is amazing. They all have their special skills. CC has built a store that transcends the normal shopping experience. When you walk in you are taken to a place where you feel like you can breathe and relax.

The hand made jewelry is gorgeous and unique. It’s the perfect gift for someone who appreciates a one of a kind piece.

I have had an animal reading, chakra alignment and a reading done. Each experience was off the charts and can’t be described in normal words. The past life reading told me things that opened my eyes and made me realize trauma and drama that I am holding onto and reliving. The chakra alignment released tension and stress that just weighed me down. I get like my authentic self again after.

The classes are aways worth taking. CC freely gives of her knowledge to anyone who wants to learn. She only asks that you put the time in to really hone your gifts. This is the only way to enhance what you naturally have.

I recommend this place to any and everyone!



Cherisse Orme

1 review

8 months ago

March 2022 I was guided to this place and have been back probably 10 times since. Krista, bless her heart was the first Angel (to me) that I met. After a tour of this beautiful and fabulously amazing shop, I honestly did not know where to start. I had recently began my awakening and I needed help and guidance. Krista listened to me and literally held my hand, helping me find what I didn't know I needed. I felt her energy immediately. Everyone there is so full of love and light. Next I met June. She noticed that I'd picked up a tuning fork, carried it around for a bit, then put it back. She took the time to show me the right way to use it and it has become one of my favorite things I've taken home from here.
And then there's Louis. I love him so much and so will you the instant that you meet him. His intuition and sixth sense is undeniable. To say that he and CeCe saved my life is an understatement! The experience that we had in this shop is too personal and special for me to share here.
CeCe is the real deal! I have attended her beginner and advanced crystal classes. Which by the way, she does for free! She shares her gifts and abilities with all of us who seek what she has.
As a psychic medium she blew my mind today during our reading. My heart has been healed because of her ability to so opening communicate with angels, specifically my Angel, Shane.
This is a very special place. You will feel it the moment that you walk in. And if you don't.... Well "Go Sage Yourself!!"



Daisy Delgado

1 review·1 photo

7 months ago

A year and a half ago I stopped by into CC's and have been coming back at least a few times a month. Something about coming into CC's seems so peaceful and you just feel happiness the moment you walk into her store. She has this energy of white light that you want to be surrounded in. I have recommended CC's to family and friends if they're looking for help with crystals, healing, finding help with their spiritual awakening. A few months ago I found a lump on my right breast, I was seeing doctor after doctor, I was taking three different antibiotics for this lump. I started getting bruises on my legs and really bad joint pain. The doctors couldn't give me a straight answer of what I was going through. I went to CC and explained to her what's been going on and she told me to hold on and to come with her to do a little healing on me.. She told me that the bruises were from dark side and right there and then I got chills because of what I was dealing with the last few months. She explained what I needed to do and that she didn't see anything cancerous. A week after I went to get an MRI done and had to do a biopsy due to the lump not going away, I was scared because I have had a few family members with breast cancer and sisters. The doctor and nurses made it seem like I already had breast cancer, which made me worry even more. After my biopsy, I went to CC because I always find comfort and peace there. I scheduled a healing with her that Sunday. The morning of the healing she again reassured me that she doesn't see anything cancerous but just the bad energy from what she saw a few days prior. I felt someone touching me during my healing but nothing bad, I don't think words can explain the feeling I felt. Peaceful is the only way I can describe it, like weight off my shoulders. When it was over she explained to me that she did her part and that I needed to do my part with healing, and she pulled out the darkness that was inside my breast. She kept saying there's no cancer, that to drink lots of water and her angels said to drink carrot juice. That evening I started really focusing on closing my chapters and doing the things she told me that I needed to do, I was outside and I looked up and saw an angel in the clouds. I broke down and cried because I knew everything was going to be fine that my guides and angels are with me. A few days after I got my results from the biopsy and it came out negative for breast cancer and that it was a bad rare breast infection, I thanked my angels and went straight to CC for the news. She told me " I told you so, NO CANCER" and gave me a warm hug. I also told her after my healing she did that I saw an angel in the clouds and she gave me another hug. I have been closing my chapters, being present, and thanking my angels the moment I go to bed and when I get up. CC has a very special gift I can't thank her enough for doing my healing and teaching me about this spiritual journey. I have learned a lot about myself this past year more than I have ever did. There have been a few times that she just knows things and it has surprised me. I recommend coming to CC because this angel is the real deal and I am so happy I came into her store a year and an half ago.



Ro Jordan-LeBlanc

8 reviews

4 months ago

First time visiting . This store has everything I needed even bought new necklaces and bracelets Miss CC and her staff very friendly very high frequency of energy will be coming back bringing my son this time



Christie Abraham

3 reviews

5 months ago

Love ❤️ this shop! There are so many areas to explore from crystals to candles to tuning forks to one on one healing sessions. Huge selection of stones & jewelry. So many beautiful things to explore and learn about




Shanikqua Lott

1 review

4 months ago

She is so awesome, she did a reading for me a yr ago in March 2021 about twins, and I'm now 38 weeks pregnant 🤰 with twins.. due date September 28th 2022.





7 reviews·28 photos

6 months ago

CC has an authentic and amicable presence. CC shared insight in such a meaningful way that brought clarity, peace and guidance into my life. My visit was amazing to say the least. Forever grateful! (NC)




PEoV Vegas

Local Guide·31 reviews·17 photos

11 months ago

From the Earth we came and to the Earth we will go.

As soon as you enter you will be greeted with a loving smile and welcome. Be prepared to be toured by one of the many friendly staff members who are very knowledgeable and fun to be with. I was fortunate enough to be toured around the amazing shop by the owner CC, with all the different items and beautiful handcrafted jewelry they made. I could go on writing a novel of everything they have in there. If you're looking for information on crystals you have to go to know what I mean.
Spirit animal reading was on point and I was so skeptic although the first words she spoke was already true and I couldn't be more happier. I will definitely be back. If you do decide to go write all your questions down and it will be answered oh and don't forget to bring your crystals they will cleanse them too! Website is very informative and it's what got my attention from my google search. It was meant to be!

Update: the second, third and fourth time my family and I went back in a day was just like we were home! Loved every time spent there ❤️





Lizzy Ross

2 reviews

9 months ago

Absolutely love CC! Before I even had reading, walking into her store you are immediately welcomed with open arms and treated like you are family. I absolutely love, love LOVE their staff, they are so helpful, upbeat and kind. I had always wanted to see a medium when I had lost my little boy when he was almost 2 at the hands of my ex husband. I had so many questions about the way he passed but didn’t know how to get them. Then after my father passed away, it was difficult to handle. He was my hero. There were so many things I didn’t get to say before he died. I had carried these burdens around for so many years! A few months ago I talked to an online psychic and was so disappointed at how her story kept changing as I went along and how she described my dad couldn’t have been more wrong!
So I went to CC for a reading and she was 100% on point! She able to connect with my dad and she connected to my little boy. She described my father exactly the way he always was, answered all my questions, lifted the burdens I was carrying and gave me a sense of peace and understanding I hadn’t had for almost 19 years. She knew things only myself or my family would have known. She is the real deal! I tell everyone if your needing answers or comfort at the least- CC is who to talk to. I want to extend my love and thanks to CC and her staff!




Anarosa Rolon

3 reviews

a year ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

First and foremost I would like to take the time to thank you for your beautiful energy and kindness. My healing sessions was exceptionally positive. I feel
Calm and at peace and most of all light weight. CC worked on my neck which felt so heavy and painful everyday. Today, 3 days later I’m so happy to say that I have no pain and my neck doesn’t feel heavy!! Thank you again for your time, energy and positivity. I can’t wait to come see you again for a tune up!



Bonnie Currie

Local Guide·67 reviews·317 photos

10 months ago

UPDATE: THE STORE IS BIGGER AND BETTER AND SO IS CC!!!! Still my favorite place to shop! Once you go there, you can't stop shopping and going back... I feel like a crack addict constantly buying rocks (crystals) 😂😂😂😂😂

AWESOME AWESOME PLACE! Reasonably priced and they have EVERYTHING! The owners are very personable and knowledgeable. The place has a great feeling of peace, light and love. As soon as I walked in I felt like I was filled with peace, healing, joy, love and light. I didn't want to leave! Thanks CC for having this place!




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