Candle Magick

Candle Magic

Candle burning as a Ritual attracts us to  FIRE  which has always been a Sacred Element.

The FLAME of a candle represents the Spirits Highest potential.

The SMOKE carries the intentions to the Heavens and Spiritual realm.

Candle Magic is simply taking ENERGY from one plane of existence and changing the energy by using your will power through Prayers, Intentions, and Faith.

  • Most Candle magic does not work the 1st time. You must train your mind and energy to Believe. as (CC says you Must pass the Angelic test)

  • You also must have the proper Tools for your ritual

                   (Candle and Sand color are very important)

Tools and Sacred items Needed:

1. Candle - 2. Sand - 3. Oils - 4. Bowl or Plate - 5. Snuffer - 6. Incense or Palo Santo -

7. Crystals / Stones / Trinkets -8. Matches - 9.White paper to write Intentions - 10. Knife To trim Candle

   The altar and candles can be arranged to suit your personal desires. Candle burning is comforting, and it helps us to realize that we can do something about our lives,

we can change and redirect energy.

   The reason that you take the time to use  Oils,   Incense,    Crystals   and  Trinkets  is that the entire time that you are preparing your Candle you are  Speaking with your Angels and

concentrating on your Intention.

*   Colors,  Oils,  Sand,  Crystals,  Trinkets, etc. all change and Enhance  the  energy

 Know your reasoning and purpose of your combination.

NEVER burn a NEW Candle in an Unclean container, always clean away old wax.

*Write down in detail your Prayer or Intention, (what you desire to manifest) on a white piece of paper,

  Place the candle in a stable location with nothing above it. by at least 3 feet it can cause fires or even leave black burn marks on area above it.



Candle Pre-Care and How to:

  1. Wipe your candle off with a wet paper towel to remove any dust or Negative Energy

  2. Anoint your Candle with our an Essential oil called "Come To Me" which Increases your energy to manifest what you ask

  3. Decorate your candle with Trinkets, stating the reasoning behind each trinket as you place it.

  4. Place your Candle on your bowl or plate, then pour sand around it.

  5. Begin by burning Incense or Palo Santo to summon God and all His Celestial Beings, Thanking God (Source) and the Universe for hearing your Intention and allowing it to materialize.

  6. Read your Prayer or Intent with Feeling and Desire, then place the paper under your plate or bowl.

  7. LIGHT Candle with a Matches only!

  8. Do not leave the Candle burning for more than 30 minutes, (Why?) the more times you light the candle and state your intent the more POWER you give to your intent.


*You  Cannot  blow out a candle!    Doing so will blow away your Intention.

          Use a Candle Snuffer or fingers to save your Intention.


When your Candle Magic is Complete, Read the messages left for you

on your Candle from your Angels. You may see animals, words, apparitions,

but only read 1 message a day!

If you see an animal shape within your candle look it up online under  animal totem

(ex. squirrel animal totem). Keep a journal, write the date, and everything you did with the candle including the color, trinkets, crystals, the intent, and just how long it took after that your prayers were answered. Keep a running list of all of the messages received from that particular candle.

Someday in the future you will enjoy rereading your messages & progress.