Candle Magick

Candle Magic and Developing your senses.

THE FLAME of a candle represents the Spirits Highest potential.

THE SMOKE carries the intentions to the Heavens and Spiritual realm.

Candle burning as a Ritual attracts us to FIRE which has always been a 

Sacred Element.

Candle Magic is simply taking ENERGY from one plane of existence and changing the energy by using your will power through Prayers, Intentions, and Faith.

  • Most candle magic does not work the 1st time.  You must train your mind and energy to Believe (as I say pass your test)

  • You must have the proper tools and rituals




1. Candle 2. Sand 3. Oils 4. Bowl or Plate 5. Incense 6. Snuffer 7. Crystal  / Stone

8. Knife 9. Matches and container to discard of the matches

10.White piece of paper to write your Intentions on.


The altar and candles can be arranged to suit your personal desires, Candle burning is comforting, and it helps us to realize that we can do something about our lives, we can change and redirect energy.


The reason that you take the time to use Oils, Incense and stones is that the entire time that you are preparing your Candle you are speaking with your Angels and concentrating on your Intention.

OILS AND STONES: help us to enhance and even alter the energy at times.

  • Begin by burning Incense to summon God and all His Celestial Beings.

CANDLE CARE:  Wipe your candle of any dust and even out any marks or dents with a knife.

NEVER burn a NEW Candle in an Unclean container, always clean away old wax.

Prayers, Intentions, and Time: You must put Feelings, Effort, and Time into your Candle Magic.  Remember you are putting in your POSITIVE ENERGY.


  • Write your Prayer or Intention on a white piece of paper, read it with Feeling and Desire, then place the paper under your plate.

  • Remember to begin by Thanking God (Source) and the Universe for hearing your Intention and allowing it to materialize.




  • Write down in detail exactly what you desire to manifest.  LIGHT with a match only!

  • Place the candle in a stable location with nothing above it by at least 3 feet. Can cause fires or even leave black burn marks on area above it.

  • Try not to move the candle it interrupts the energy,

  • You CAN NOT blow out a candle! It blows away your Intention.

  • Always use a Candle Snuffer or your fingers.

  • Colors, oils and sand all change the energy.  Know your reasoning and purpose of combining different colors with your different oils.


{OPTIONAL} OILING: Rub your Candle with oil, top to bottom (envisioning Love, Light, and the beauty of your Angels)

SAGE OR FRANKINCENSE:  Removes any other person’s energy.

{OPTIONAL} PENDULUM: ask your pendulum if this is the candle & color for you

PLACE ON: Tempered glass, mirror or plate

{OPTIONAL} Place sand in or around bowl or plate

If using glass containers: Coat it with oil so the candle does not stick!

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