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Rhyolite Ghost Town story..........

This is a short but informative story. Any name in Yellow is a Spirit.


Rhyolite is an abandoned mining town built in1907 in Beaty Nevada.


Since I CC, am a gifted Psychic Medium, I have taken several groups to Rhyolite on Ghost Tours.


My first encounter was with a black woman named Sadie, she told me that she was the care taker for the prostitutes that worked in Rhyolite.


When we would enter into Sadie’s home (Shack) she would offer to make Coffee and Chocolate chip cookies. Those who were spiritually

 in tune were able to smell these. (that made Sadie super Happy).




On one of our trips a woman named Bernadette sat next to June, and introduced herself. When we got into the car to leave The radio turned itself on and the song Bernadette was playing.  WOW!


Bernadette often visits CC Sees your Guiding Light or rides along in Junes car.


On the next trip June wanted to bond more with Bernadette she just wanted a hug from her.

 Well,  June got that and more.

 The story Goes like this:

We began by standing on  the back side of the train station, Bernadette told me CC, that she was on the front of the train station, so I CC, went to get her. Upon calling her over I CC, felt tear drops on my back.

June stood there we lit  a CANDLE  and Bernadette began to enter into June’s body. (Pictures attached)


June began to cry and mind you June is a tough woman it takes a lot to make her cry, but Bernadette embodied her entire being and hugged her 

I CC, have seen this before as a medium but I have NEVER witnessed it in Photos…..SO AMAZING!


  • If you look at the pictures you will see the different stages of procession in June’s body.

  • Bernadette and Sadie are standing talking in the front of the train station, Can you SEE them?


School House


The  school house has always been one of my favorites, The children love to interact with us…

(as long as the teachers are not around), So I CC, learned to send the teachers away.

Just some of the children that we encountered are Frankie.....Susie.... 

Douglas (the trouble maker) .... and Jill (the youngest who Loves to hug you)


You can hear them jumping rope, playing and Singing to Ring around the Rosie..... playing kick the can, moving desks around and so much more!


In all of my adventures out to Rhyolite, I can honestly say that I have never taken candles or  sage before only Dowsing rods for those who could not hear the children

(to make it easier to communicate with them.)


Well, I am so glad we took candles last time, JUST LOOK at the pictures!


So we began with Yerba Santa Sage for blessings, Goodness and Protection.

We rang bells to bring in Angels and to remind the kids of school bells.

We lit the Candles and I CC, called in the energy of the children. I need say no more,

Just LOOK at the Pictures!


  • There are 2 other pictures of the train station taken one after the other,

  • Can you SEE what is different in them?


We are going back to Rhyolite Tuesday September 12, 2023 so we will keep you posted on our new findings. How fun Right?

Rhyolite School house


Rhyolite 3.jpg

The Spirits of the School children begin to manifest by using the energy of the candles.

CC Begins to call in the energy

Rhyolite 4.jpg

The energy starts to move

The Spirits of the Schoolchildren begin to manifest by using the energy of the candles.

Rhyolite 5.jpg

CC continues to speak to the children of the school house.

The energy starts to move

Rhyolite 6.jpg

The energy is high!

Rhyolite 7.jpg

High energy in the Rhyolite School House


Bernadette beginning to enter into Junes body

June is frozen in time and Crying because Bernadette is hugging her.

Bernadette Has completely entered into Junes body


Train Station

rhyolitetrain 1.jpg

Train station-Do you see the white building to the right? Guess what there is no building!

So I believe it was there in 1907! The spirits just added it to the picture!

Sadie and Bernadette standing on the train station platform talking. Can you see them?

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