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Golden Bar Healing

Golden Bar Healing

Golden Bar Crystal Healing Bed
What is Golden Bar Healing?

Energy Healing in short, is based on the idea


that an unseen "Life Force Energy" flows through


us and is what causes us to be alive. 

If one's "Life Force Energy"


is LOW, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stressed out.


If  it  is  HIGH, we are more capable of being Happy & Healthy!

Golden Bar Energy  allows us to Flow energy through the Aura, 

Infusing you with POSITIVE ENERGY, Raising your vibration to a

higher level allowing negative thoughts and emotions to flow out of the body.

This allows the "heaviness" or "weight of the world" to be lifted off your shoulders,


everyone says they feel lighter immediately after

CC's Golden Bar  healing session.

Golden Bar Healing, straightens, and heals the energy pathways,

thus allowing the life ​force to flow in a healthy and natural way.


Just How

Golden Bar Healing  is  Performed

CC uses her Gift  (similar to an X-ray machine)

to look into your body to see if there is any

disease or negative energy.

Not to be conceited, but I CC can see just about everything that that is not functioning right and needs to be corrected both Physically and Mentally.

I CC will review with you the areas that we need to work on, and my Angels will give suggestions to and for you in regards to Attaining better health.

I begin with Prayer giving gratitude to God and all of the Angels that assist me with my Healings.

I then anoint you with CC's Specialty Magical essential oil

and raise your vibration with Sound Energy.

CC Theory is "you cannot heal someone's mind or body until you pull out all of the negative"

So I  then encircle the negative energy with a White light and follow the Golden bars (that the Angels create) to remove the negative energy from your body. 

Working together with my 7 Angels we release any

Emotional or Physical Pain.

After the Negative has been removed from your body and your Chakras Unblocked then I go in and 

 realign the Chakras With an Angel Tuning fork and the Energy that flows so freely from my finger tips.

CC then grounds you to Mother Earth and the vibration of the 5th dimension with Hematite Blessing your senses with

Palo Santo and reciting the prayer that her Angels wrote.

I will then lay you down on Crystallina's Crystal Healing bed

and begin to energetically infuse you with Positive 

Golden White Light Energy.

 I work with a combination of Crystals the most powerful being Enhydro Quartz and Smokey Quartz 

(they work Amazing at pulling out all pain

and unwanted negativity in the body.)

*These are 2 Crystals that everyone should own!

After I am confident that the Negative has been removed I then go in again, using the healing Energy that flows though my fingertips to heal your Mind Body and Spirit.

CC Says: Not to be conceited but the energy that flows from my finger tips is electrifying yet Soothing!

After my work is done I leave the room and allow my

Angels to perform their Magic  "as I call it."

*If you are in Tune you will feel the Angels  touching you and working on you.

*Read below to understand the responsibility that each Angel takes on.


I come in and out of the room during the session Healing and filling you with a radiant Love Energy.

*This experience is truly Magical!


CC's Healing Angels

Each Angel Plays and Important part in the clearing and repairing working with and through CC extruding

a High Energy Healing Vibration.

Crystallina this is her room and her Crystal Bed design.

*Crystallina will touch you with the feeling of a feather gently stroking your arms.


*Archangel Raphael who is the Archangel of Healing will illuminate the room with His Golden Healing energy.

* (My Father) Teddy D is so filled with Love that he readily shares it and adds extra LOVE to your entire being. He also assists with those who have Cancer or Heart problems.

(My Niece) Jessica works on Repairing your Emotional state of mind. As a young child on this earth that was her purpose and she did it well.

*Sebastian He Loves to hold your right hand or raise your hand! He attains a strength that surpasses all.

* Magdalina She Raises your Vibration,

(remember you Must run at a High Vibration to keep the negative away and allow the positive energy to flow freely.)

* Merlin is Magical...his electrifying energy can blast out of you all that is not Good

Thank you Angels!

Love you













Golden Bar Healing can be performed on Anyone,


as well as Animals and even plants!

All of our healing sessions are performed on our Crystal Healing Bed, for more information please check out the link!


Golden Bar Basic

Energy Healing


1 Hour 

Golden Bar Healing



1 Hour


Healing Tune Up 


30 Minutes

(Valid up to 30 Days after 1st Visit)

Special - $350.00

 Reading and Healing

Please Call 702-576-1960 to schedule.

When booking a deposit of $75 or more is required. It is non-refundable non transferrable. 

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