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Candles & Holders



    People are finally understanding the POWER  in Candle Magic…….Yeah!


With the Awakening, we are all searching for more out of Life. It is so awesome to see someone put their intent into candle magic and follow all of the rituals to bring to them their true heart’s desire.


Candle Color,  Proper placement and dedication to your desired intent  will produce what you ask for if you keep it within Reason and perform the magic properly.

Remember to always  give Thanks  and Read your Messages in the Finished Candle.




Here at CC Sees Your Guiding Light we have a Special designated area for you to Create your very own Personalized Candle   offering over 50 different Varieties of Candles to choose from.

 1. Anoint  your Candle with CC's  Come to Me Essential Oil.

 2. Power charge your Candle in CC's Crystal Cathedral .

 3. Decorate and Infuse your candle with your Special Intent and magical power. 

 4. Raise your Candles Vibration by palying  CC's Chimes.

 * CC and her Crew are here to Educate and Guide you through the entire process.

*Items Needed for Correct Candle Magic

Candle,  Sand, Trinkets, Glass bowl or plate,

Essential oil, Snuffer, Matches, White paper.

1. White Candle:

Purification,   Protection,

Repels Negative,

Brings PeaceGod's Light

and all that is Good.

*Add any color of Sand

2. Black Candle:

Absorbs and Repels  all Negativity

*Add White Sand to Bring in Positive Energy

3. Gold Candle:

Success, Enlightenment, Protection,  Represents God and all that you ask for.

*Add  Purple,  White, or

Multi colored Sand

4. Peach Candle:

Rejuvenation, Restoration, 

To once again Awaken your Heart.

*Add Red and Green Sand Mixed together for

Abundant New LOVE

5. Brown Candle:

Ground and Balance yourself to Mother Earth

*Add White Sand to keep it Pure.

6. Green Candle:

Abundance,  Prosperity,

Draw in Good Luck

*Add Red Sand to have Love with Abundance

7. Pink Candle:

Forgiveness,  Emotional

well being, Compassion, 

True Friendship

*Add    Blue Sand Calming or White  Sand for Purity

8. Blue Candle:

Patience,  Healing for Mind and Body, Peace obtained from Water Element

*Add   White and Blue Sand for extra Pure Peace

9. Purple Candle:

Magical , Spiritual, Improve Psychic Abilities, Call upon your Angels & Spirit Guides

*Add Multi Colored Sand

 for energy in all directions


10. Orange Candle:

Ambition, Creativity, Strength

*Add Red Sand for Added Love


11. Yellow Candle:

Wisdom, Cheerfulness, Creative imagination

*Add White Sand to keep

  it Pure.

*Add Black Sand to keep away Negativity


12. Red Candle:

Love, Power, Vitality

*Add Green Sand for Abundant Love


13. Silver Candle:

Burn alongside of another Candle to Enhance

the Energy

Sand   Colors

White Sand                          

Purity & Protection

Black Sand

Repel Negativity, Protection

Multi-color Sand

Enhances Everything

Yellow Sand

Wisdom, Cheerfulness

Purple Sand


Green Sand


Red  Sand


Blue  Sand


Brown Sand


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