People are finally understanding the POWER in Candle Magic…….Yeah!


With the Awakening, we are all searching for more out of Life. It is so awesome to see someone put their intent into candle magic and follow all of the rituals to bring to them their true heart’s desire.


Candle Color, proper placement, and dedication to your desired intention will produce what you ask for if you keep it realistic and perform the magic properly and always remember to give THANKS.



You can Purchase your Candles and all of your Fixings at either  


CC Spiritual Shop Suite #9      or      CC Spiritual Center Suite #32


However, to Anoint with Essential Oils, Decorate and Infuse your candle with Intent and magical power you will be spending time at CC Spiritual Center, we have dedicated a special area just for you to create your very own personalized Candle, but, remember we are also there to Educate and Guide you.


Here at CC Sees Your Guiding Light we offer a Huge Variety  of

Candles, over 10  different colors & Color Explanations

 Sand, Trinkets, Glass bowls, Essential oils & More


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