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Personal Cleansings

You know you need a Cleansing when

you are experiencing:


Physically:  Always Tired, Headaches,  Shoulder or Neck aches, 

Itching, a constant cough, Pain in your body with no explanation on WHY!


Emotionally: Anxiety,  Sadness,  Depression,

sudden change in personality with the smallest thing leading to irritation. Also thoughts of  Not wanting to be on this earth anymore.

CC has performed hundreds of clearings in her life time with great success so we can proudly say that everyone has returned to their happy positive self. We take great pride in the Clearings & Healings that we perform.

Those who feel lost or broken and want to feel whole again may need a clearing so that they may travel on their

Awakened Journey of  Life feeling at Peace and serving their purpose.


CC will  NOT  take your money unless you are willing to follow your

"At home Care & Maintenance" which includes, saging yourself regularly, Prayers and  or Meditation, Wear  protective Crystals and using our

Special  Heavenly Scrub to banish any entities that may attempt to return.

The Process for a Personal Cleansing:

       We begin in CC's Healing Center where you stand in Holy water,

 CC will Pray  and Raise your Vibration

(with Bells, Drums, Singing Bowls, etc.) which all Ward away evil.!

CC will then  Sage you removing the unclean entities and sending them through a Portal.

After all of the external negative has been removed 

     The remainder of the cleansing takes place in Crystallina's Healing room and on her Magical Crystal Bed.


CC will  use a combination of Crystals

(with the most powerful being Enhydro and Smokey Quartz)

2 very important Crystals for you to have at home.

CC and her  7 Angels  will then release any emotional Baggage

and repair your Mind .....Body and Spirit.

Each Angel plays an Important part in the clearing and repairing  by working through CC extruding a high energy vibration.

CC Says: Not to be conceited but the power that emanates from my finger tips is electrifying yet soothing.

CC will anoint you with her  Magical essential oil,

Raise your vibration with sound Therapy.

Unblock your Chakras and then realign your Chakras with an

Angel tuning fork and the energy from her finger tips.


CC then grounds you to Mother earth and the vibration of the 5th dimension with Hematite, blessing all of your senses with  Palo Santo

and the Prayer

(written by her Angels)

CC will then have you lay down on Crystallina's Crystal bed

and she will  heal your Entire body.

After CC's  work is done she leaves the room and allows her Angels

to take over. Yes, if you are in tune you will feel them touching you

and hear them guiding you.

This Experience is truly Magical !!!!!!


Clearings start at $350.00

Consultation $50.00 

*All Cleansings include  Chakra Alignment & a Healing 

The only way for us to determine the severity is for you to stop in and allow us to take a look at you and hear & see just what you are Experiencing.

CC has been given the gift to see into a persons body to view any Negative, any disease any unwanted unclean Spirits.

(similar to an X ray machine only Spiritual)

being a Gifted Psychic Medium CC also Listens to the advice

of her Spirit Guides.

*Unfortunately CC will not longer remove Possessions.

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