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Keep your Chapters Closed……                 

                                             (Shadow work)




What is most important to God (our creator) is to be with us.

He is not limited to time or space, His presence will always be with us.

You Need not fear the future because He has already seen it for us.

The future is in Gods hands even when we cross over.

Just Live in the Now and enjoy what you have today.


God wants us to see each day abundantly and seeing all there is to see, and doing all there is to do.

Don’t be ditracted by future concerns, Leave them to God, because each day of Life is a Glorious Gift!


So few know how to Live in the confines of today.

Much of their energy is spent on tomorrows worries and past regrets.

So your remaining energy is so weak it only allows you to limp through the day, not living it to the fullest.

Keeps your eyes focused on Gods infinate love for us and understand that he has our back and allow all the goodness to flow through One day at a time.

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