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****  Love Crystals   ****

Rose Quartz

What is the most Important thing in Life?....Yes, you’ve got it LOVE!

Love for our Creator Love for self and Love for others.


In this series I will give you information on the Most Powerful Love Crystals.


Remember there are Crystals and then there are CC Crystals….


I believe that we are the only shop that cleanses Our Crystals, Programs them for Love ….Happiness… and Good Health.

CC will then Power charge the Crystal. We do not allow clients to touch each and every Crystal in our shop and we are constantly Saging the shop and the Crystals.


*When a Crystal loses its power CC takes it home to Mother earth….a practice everyone should adhere to.


Let’s begin with the most popular Crystal….Rose Quartz.


Rose Quartz is not just appreciated for its physical properties but also for the positive energy it is believed to bring into one's life, especially in matters related to love and emotional well-being. Whether used in jewelry, as decorative pieces, or for metaphysical purposes, Rose Quartz holds a special place in many hearts.

CC’s original design is a Rose quartz heart with Pyrite…

Pyrite will mirror away negativity so that you get the full benefit from the Rose Quartz heart.

Visit our online website

¼ Moon Rose Quartz Pendant with a Heart charm…..”CC’s best seller”

Increases you Psychic abilities with LOVE

You can also view all of CC’s Rose quartz Crystals.


So everyone is familiar with Rose Quartz, but are you searching for a LOVE Crystal that has an amplified POWER?

If you feel the need to fill your Emotions with Pure LOVE….Because you feel emotionally drained……then…Spend a little extra money and feel the vibration of this LOVE Crystal.

Kunzite Opens and Connects the Heart to the Mind by stimulating a Healing

communion between the two. Lifts your Mood by Healing Emotional problems.

*Ads Energy for you to resonate LOVE for Self, Others & The Great Divine.

*Wear it Close to your Heart

You can purchase Kunzite on

Green Amethyst

LOVE is the Highest Vibration on the earth, Clear your mind think Happy thoughts Vibrate and Grow emotionally with

Prasiolite (Green Amethyst)


I Personally love working with Green Amethyst it is so Powerful that it charges all my other Crystals on my Crystal Healing Bed.

You will not fully understand the power and the Love that this Crystal holds inside until you actually wear it and work with its Power.

I know you say I have never heard of this Crystal before so all the more reason to take yourself to the next level to connect to your Higher self with abundant Love.


You can purchase Green Amethyst on


·         CC’s Crystals are of the upmost highest and purest of Energy. Shop with the best!

Ruby Zoisite

Wow what an Amazing Crystal, be sure to purchase a black light to be able to see the Rubies glow!


I CC, have a lot of Favorite Crystals….But I get the Goocies  all over my body when I hold onto Ruby Zoisite.


Ruby Zoisite is going to blast Open the heart Chakra because of the energy emanating from both crystals  Ruby and Zoisite.


It will promote your Passion for Love and life  giving you positive energy to assure a more Optimistic outlook in your life.


Because it is associated with the heart chakra, it will help to heal or strengthen a relationship, it will  also will support your mental and physical well being revitalizing the entire you!


This is CC’s Description channeled from her Angels

Ruby Zoisite


Crystal of: Abundant Love and Wealth


Ruby in Zoisite offers you an Energy Of Abundance, whether Love, Good Fortune, Happiness

Spiritual Growth or Wealth.

It has the capacity to help Heal the heart, by

removing any blockages to loving energies then

It will stimulate your heart to assist you in opening

up to divine Pure Love bringing happiness and Passion into the life of the wearer.


*Once you acquire Pure Love an Abundance of wealth will follow.


You can purchase this Crystal on

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