How to: Sage

How to: Sage



         You can Sage a Person, Object, a Place, your Spirit, Mind, or Body and this Spiritual Ceremony is called Smudging.

                   Smudging calls on the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and restore balance.

The Smoke attaches itself to the negative energy and removes it to another space. Whatever sage is burnt holds onto all the negative, so make sure to separate and throw away the negative holding sage or cut off the burnt end of your sage!

What is needed: The 4 Elements

  1. Abalone Shell - Water   2. Feather - Air    3. Sage - Earth   4. Candle - Fire  


Matches  &  Candle to Light the sage



The use of an Abalone shell, is the element of water, which balances the other elements of fire, air, and earth (plants).

Use a candle, if you don't have one just matches but Never use a lighter. Going as natural with your ceremony as you can with candles or matches is the best thing to do as the more respect you give to mother nature, the more energy you'll get back!



Important: Before you smudge any person, object,

or place, you should always smudge yourself to be certain

that you don't have any negative energy while cleansing.

You can do this by bringing the smoke to you allowing it to surround your head, the shoulders, around your body, and finally the bottom of your feet.


Before you begin, be sure the area is well ventilated as the smoke, carrying the negative energy, must have an escape route.

(Be cautious to not set off smoke detectors)

Remember this is a Sacred Ceremony so Please:

- Clean the area to be smudged. It always helps to dust, vacuum, tidy up, etc..

- Wear or hold an item of protection such as an amulet, talisman, or crystal/ gem/ stone.

- A Black Tourmaline is always a great choice to go with it as it helps to greatly block out lots of negativity.

(After using your crystal be sure to click over to our "Cleanse Crystals" tab to remove all unwanted energy)


In Native American cultures, birds are highly

revered because of their closeness to the Creator

in the heavens. It is believed the feather

possesses the spirit qualities of the bird– to be

the breath of life as well as connecting us to the

heavens above and mother earth below.

Because of the way they are constructed, it is

believed that feathers have the ability to comb

someone’s energy or aura of blockages therefore

aiding in the cleansing smoke bath.

Without a Shell & Feather

Dried plants that are tied into bundles are called smudge sticks, which are lit only with a candle or matches and burned on one end.

Loose plants can be burned in a shell or bowl, or placed directly onto a burning piece of self-lighting charcoal.

Relighting the same piece of sage will release all negativity that was caught before. To avoid releasing old negative make sure to cut the string that's holding the sage together, carefully separate as big pieces of branches and leaves as you can, and burn them individually. Doing this will get you more use out of your sage and will help avoid using the same sage!


Begin by lighting your sage and placing it in the abalone shell calling in Divine Source and stating your intentions as you'd like, here's an example: 

"God please help me remove out any negativity within my environment and ONLY allow your white light, positive, loving energy to stay with me."

Pay homage to the 4 cardinal directions which include the North, South, East, West. Also, give respect to the sun, moon, & earth. When giving respect to these, move the abalone shell in the direction you're stating:

To the North (Move shell upwards), to the South (move shell downwards), to the East (move shell towards to your left), and to the west (move shell to your right).

To Grandfather sun (move abalone shell back up), to Grandmother moon (move shell up and to the side), and to mother earth (moving the shell back down). 

Always start outside your front door and anytime you reach a doorway direct the Smoke Clockwise alongside the frame saying:

"All who Enter in, Enter in through the White light"

With every Mirror say pass the smoke along side it saying:

"All who Look in, Look back with only Love & Light"

With every Window pass the smoke along side it saying:

"All who Look in, Look through with only Love & Light"

Make sure to get every doorway, window, and mirror so that you create positive barriers for all these entrances.

As I go around smudging I personally say the Lord’s Prayer, the Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel, and all of my intentions throughout the entire house; Typically repeating this saying, "All who Enter in, Enter in through the White light" before I pass through a doorway in a clockwise motion will help bring the utmost positive to all those who enter your doorway. 

I also put a thin line of Sea Salt along the path of the front doorway & back doorway, and a Cross made of Holy water above all doorways after I have saged the area.

As you go throughout the house make sure to encircle every doorway & every corner of

every room. It may be tedious, but doing so will ensure that all darkness and negativity be rid of the environment. Follow all the way through the house, apartment, building, etc. from front to back so that at the end, when you've reached the final room, you may open a window or door to push out all the unwanted energy!


When you are finished smudging extinguish the sage by crushing it against your abalone shell, sand, bowl, or allow it to burn out on its own.

Always give thanks to God (or Mother Nature, Divine Source, etc.) and the 4 elements.​​

After Sage is extinguished either Bury or discard of used sage.

Always keep your Sacred items on your Sacred Space.

Lastly, clean your abalone shell of all the burnt sage. Scrubbing off any black from the Abalone shell will help it release out negative and be ready for another go.



Be sure to be in a positive and healthy state of mind before you smudge. Trying to purge negativity while in a negative state of mind can be counterintuitive and even disastrous in some cases. Although you may have positive thoughts, if you don't sage yourself first you may be stirring up more negative energy if that's all you're containing inside!

Remember that smudging is for cleansing your body and environment, not to fill the room or your lungs with smoke! Avoid smudging where there are allergic people, infants, or pregnant women.

Don’t leave bowls, smudge sticks, candles, charcoal or other items used for smudging unattended. Usually the plants in the container or the smudge sticks will burn out on their own. If you need to distinguish them, tap the end of the smudge sticks on the container until burned out, or keep a water, sand, or soil near by to snuff them out.

Cleansing A Person

When cleansing an individual you would want to recite the following prayer/passage to fully remove anything attached and make them aware once again. ALWAYS, ask God (or Mother Nature, Divine Source, etc.) to assist you in this cleansing 

"We cleanse our ears, so that our ears will only hear the spiritual truths given us by our Creator, listen to the truth as it is shared with us by the Creator, the Grandfathers, Four Directions, Four Kingdoms, and be open to the request for assistance from others, to hear only the good things and allow the bad to 'bounce off'."

"We cleanse our hearts so that our hearts will feel the truth, grow with us in harmony and balance, be good and pure, be open to show compassion, gentleness and caring for others.

We cleanse our feet so that our feet will seek to walk the true path, seek balance and harmony, lead us closer to our families, friends, community, walk closer to our loved ones and help us flee our enemies, and lead us closer to our Creator."

A Smudging Prayer

As I encircle your Crown Chakra I ask Divine Creator (God) to remove any Negative Energy or attachments, so that God's light can enter and flow freely throughout your entire body.

As I encircle all of your Senses I ask Divine Creator to remove any Negative Energy or attachments so that you may See, Smell, Hear, and Speak LOVE.

As I encircle your Entire Body, I ask Dive Creator to remove any Negative Energy or attachments, so that you may Feel and be a Vessel of LOVE.

As I encircle the Bottom of your feet, I ask Divine Creator to remove any Negative Energy or attachments, this will allow you to stay Grounded to Mother Earth and appreciate all her beauty.

May you and your space be cleansed by the smoke of these fragrant plants, and may that same smoke carry our prayers, spiralling, to the heavens.

Palo Santo Prayer

Circle clockwise with the Palo Santo Stick around each one of

your senses as you say this prayer!


Top of head / Crown Chakra - "I encircle my Crown Chakra to allow all of God's (Divine Source's) Light to enter in and Flow through my entire body."

Eyes / Third Eye: "May I only See the Beauty that God (Divine Source) has to offer."

Nose: "May I only Smell the Beauty that Mother Nature has placed on this Earth."

Ears: "May I only Hear words of LOVE"

Lips: "May my Lips only speak words of LOVE"

Heart: "God (Divine Source) please fill my Heart with tons of LOVE"

Right Hand: "So, that I can Give the LOVE I need to Give."

Left Hand: "And Receive the LOVE I need to Receive 

(Direct the Palo Santo Smoke out of your Right Hand)

Encircle your Body: God (Divine Source) Please keep me Surrounded in your LOVE & Light all day long. Amen.