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Life and Living in the 5th Dimension


As of January 2021 we have shifted into what is known as the   5th Dimension.


It is a dimension of Very High Vibration,  

           a dimension of living in the   NOW   filled with:





Once you  LIVE  in the NOW filled with all mentioned above you will find true

Harmony and Balance in your Life.



To live in the NOW…you must Close your Chapters from the past…..

All of the should’ve........Could’ve …..would’ve,.. all the disappointments

hurt and pain.


*Remember you Cannot go back and change it,

It does NOT serve you so......

Close it off and let it go……..




LIVE in the NOW

   Once you close off your Chapters from the past it becomes a

 Daily ritual to keep them CLOSED to Vibrate in the NOW.


     At the end of each day you MUST Give Gratitude to your Creator (God) for your day.

If things went wrong then name them all, Close them off……

(take that big wooden castle  door slam it shut …..Latch it)

and  then always Open up windows too bring in new light.



Warning:  If you do not close off your Chapters at the end of your   day, you will carry over all of that negativity to the next day and   not only that you will have to repeat the lessons the hardships.



*To balance to the high vibration of the 5th, you MUST hold onto a  RAW Hematite

as soon as your feet touch the ground in the morning.


Throughout the day you should use an Angel Tuning fork from your Crown Chakra to your Root Chakra

to keep your Chakras aligned and to keep you vibrating at that higher vibration of the 5th.


Play Singing bowls….Bells ….Chimes


Meditate with Crystals to open your 3rd eye allowing you to become more spiritually attuned.   (awakened)


Here is that list of Crystals to Raise your Vibration





Lapis lazuli

Super 7


Fuchsite & Ruby

Chrome Diopside


Fire opal

Dichroic Kyanite

Blue Goldstone


·  Incorporate daily prayer and conversations with your Angels

·  Serve your purpose on this earth. If you do not know what it is you must pray intently for the       doors to be opened



If you follow my advice, you will feel like the weight of the world has lifted off of your shoulders.


You will openly be able to manifest your true desires


You will No longer feel stuck …

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