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Crystal Energy Healing Bed

Crystal Energy Healing Bed

Crystal Healing Bed
Crystal Healing Bed
Crystal Bed
Crystals in the Bed
Crystals in the Bed
Crystal Healing Bed
Crystal Healing Bed

 A Unique Experience, unlike any other!


This is  Divinely Inspired and  Created by CC's Angel 


for anyone in NEED of ......Healing,  Relaxation,  or   

Repair of   Mind…..Body   SPIRIT

Healing: A Combination of   Light   &  Sound    Waves   through Specific  Crystals and the Energy that flows with so much Power through CC's hands Directed and empowered by the 6 Angels and God assisting her.

 used in combination and tailored to  EACH  individual.


Relaxation: is  achieved  through  Sound  &   Aromatherapy 

attaining a  ZEN like state of  

 Peace   &   Tranquility 



Make an Appointment to   Repair   Your   Mind,    Body   &  SPIRIT


1 Hour Golden Bar Energy Healing - $250.00

(Revisit) Tune Up - $85.00 within 30 days of healing

Special - $350.00

30 Min. Reading + Golden bar Healing

*All services require you to leave a minimum  of  a $75.00  deposit.  

Deposits are non refundable and non transferrable.


*Please Dress Comfortably,   No jewelry or sharp objects.





1 Hour Golden Bar Energy Healing Includes:

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How  the Bed & Room was Designed & Created:


Crystllina ( who is an Angel) came to me C.C. (at my 3:00am Meditation) and gave me an


Incredible Vision of a unique Crystal Healing Bed that She wanted Designed for me

& my Unique Spiritual shop "CC Sees your Guiding Light"

to aid in the repair of the mind   body  and spirit.


Crystallina's Promise:   is to assist in the

1. Removal of: Negative thoughts, feelings, and pain  both (Emotional & Physical)

2. Replacement of: Positive Energy


If you are physically or emotionally hurting,   Crystallina will join in and assist

the practitioner with her powerful healing energy.





During the construction of Crystallina's Room  C.C.  performed a Spiritual Blessing    beckoning all of those

though the WHITE LIGHT to


be present to Protect   and Create only  a    Positive   Healing    ENERGY   in this    Sacred Space…..

built  7-18-2015  = 6  in numerology     



                  I also placed    in the walls…..Crystals,    Prayers,   Crucifix’s,   Holy Water,   including the  Representation of the

4 Corners  &  the  4  Elements!



All these along with Crystallina and her angels deliver a calm feelings bringing a happy tear to your eyes. 



#6 in Numerology


The day =6  in numerology = Connects above and below, union, love, &  perfection, guided by Venus & Uranis,

The Lovers in Tarot, colors Indigo/Purple and Green


Characteristics = Healer  Charitable, Faithful,  Unselfishness, Balance, Empathy, Sympathy, unconditional Love Honest,


The personal goal of the 6 is to provide for others' well being - to create security and harmony –   to Love and be loved


The 6 vibration is natural nurturers – giving  Comfort and Help when needed, always, as they are motivated by a sense of duty to their

fellow man,  and find   Joy & are rewarded in serving others.




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