CC Sees Your Guiding Light  has  the Largest Selection of  Sage,

Over 20 different Varieties to choose from  each with their own Specific use.

When you stop into CC's Spiritual Shop we will take the time to EDUCATE you

on the Proper way to Sage  Why;  because so many are performing the

Native American Ritual incorrectly and We here at CC Sees Your Guiding Light,

want to make sure that you are getting the full Benefit out of your SAGE and Ritual!

We strongly suggest that you Visit our How to Page   and read all about

Sage and Smudging


If you would like to know more about which Sage does what,

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Sage to Remove Negativity


*All Sages that remove negativity can Not Be relit ….

Visit our How to Page

* Be sure to only light a small piece and when it burns out discard it in a metal bucket filled with water.


* When you are finished your Sage ceremony (Smudging) Carry your bucket outside and give it to Mother Earth, (she takes all that is Negative and turns it into Positive) Be sure to Give Thanks!

Sages that 
Remove Negativity
1. White Sage
2. Blue Sage
3. Blue / White Sage
4. Dragons Blood Sage
5. Super Cleanse Sage
6. 3 Pack - White Sage, Blue Sage, Cedar Sage
Sages That
Bring in Positive
1. Palo Santo (Holy wood)
2.Sweet Grass Sage
3. Cedar Sage
4. Pinion Pine  Sage
5. Lavender Sage
6. Lavender / White  Sage
7. Lavender Royal Sage
8. Prosperity Sage
9. Rosemary Sage
10. Rosemary/White
11. Black Sage
12. Yerba Santa
13  Yerba/White
14. Healing Sage
15. Rose Petal Sage

Sages that bring in Positive


*All of the Sages that we use for Positive Influences can be relit until the bundle is gone,

because it does NOT hold onto any Negativity.

*Always Give Thanks!

Sage for New Beginnings
 Jericho Sage
Carrie for Protection
• Yerba Santa Sage

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