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January 25th Full Moon    “The Wolf Moon” is


The Most Important Full Moon of  this Year



2023 was full of amazing spiritual events and experiences.

However, 2024 promises to Bring in an even more powerful Spiritual experience.


This is why you should be ready to get things rolling from day one. 

CC says, (develop your senses) So many people ask me how do you become a Intune and Good Psychic…and the answer is really quite simple ….once again take the time to

Develop your SENSES !!!!!!


The energy that comes from the full moon of the New Year is different from the other full moons.

Because the moon is fully illuminated, the energy is always intense.

The core of our being will feel this vibration. On a day like this, we might also feel a shift in our spiritual life. 

All of these might never make sense to us unless we pay close attention.

This is why you should not take the January full moon for granted.

If you are Spiritually in Tune you should expect a high level of energy vibration

(get ready for another big shift  an even Higher Vibration)


*Be sure to hold onto your Hematite!!!!!!

Or you will be dizzy, tired or experience headaches.


Spiritual signs are Present each moment of each and every day,

you just have to pay attention and write everything down!

*Document your messages or you will NOT Grow Spiritually.

Only those who are sensitive enough will know how to leverage these signs and messages.

These signs are positioned in such a manner to bring guidance to us throughout the year.

Every month has its unique full moon with a message but January’s will be the Most important to set the stage for the rest of the year.

Understanding just what is Happening will help you to take advantage of what is to come.

Imagine taking full advantage of the power of this moon. It will set you on the right track for the rest of the year. 

Write out your wishes, and prepare to take moon baths as well. 

Stop in and get your Heavenly Bath water created by CC,

Cleanse off all of your negativity!


The aggressive nature of wolves will be seen in how you deal with issues on this day.

Once it begins to happen, remind yourself to be in control. 



The power of decision making:

Since it is the beginning of the year, a lot of decisions need to be made.

During the wolf moon, expect courage to make decisions. This is an energy that comes from this moon.

One of the powers to manifest is  to ask for help and Guidance to make wise decisions for the rest of the year. 


The power of inner strength:

No matter how tough things get, the wolf will survive the cold season and hunger moment.

Prayer & Meditation  and a daily Blessing with Palo Santo will

give you the inner strength to go through tough moments without falling apart. 

  • Hold onto a Labradorite Crystal to guide you with your Intuitive guidance




The power of spiritual insight:

Insight is necessary to have an amazing year.

It gives you a clue about how the year will turn out and prepares your mind for what comes.

On the day of the wolf moon, expect to become spiritually insightful.

*Hold your Apophyllite Crystal on your 3rd Eye…Blast Open your Inner Vision to see the future.

Pay attention to your Dreams.


You will Just  know what to do

Even as you plan for the year, the January 2024 full moon is a sign of direction.

On this day, the universe is assuring you of precision in your decisions.

All through the year, you will just know what to do if you dedicate time daily to communicate with your Angels and dedicate time to Spirituality.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to take action on your premonitions



The January 2024 full moon inspires courage in our hearts.

Your plan for the year might seem big. However, remind yourself that nothing is impossible if you dare to try. This is the message from the full moon to you.



Pay attention to it. 

The presence of your Angel

  • Have you felt lonely?

  • Are you scared of how your year is going to turn out?

Then, leverage the power of the January wolf moon.

It is a moment to feel the presence of your guardian angel. It is also the time to hear the voice of your angel telling you that you are not alone.


You are strong

When you see this moon, it also means that even when things get tough during the year, you should remember that you are tougher and stronger.



During the full moon, it is believed that our wishes can come true. Therefore, expect to manifest your intention for the year.

On this day, everything you want to accomplish can become a reality.

Leverage the energy from the January wolf moon for manifestation. 


There is hope for you

Ending 2023 on a negative note might discourage you. However, the wolf moon in January 2024 is a sign of hope.

It tells you to expect something good to happen to you.

No matter how bad and negative the past has been, you have an opportunity to enjoy the best there is. 



New Beginnings

A new beginning  tells you that you have the opportunity to make this year the best. If you have Closed your Chapters

The past is over. Now, you have a new chapter to write. Start on a good note. 



Good Luck

It also means that you are going to receive good news.

If you have been expecting good news, then, the full moon brings a positive message.

In January 2024, when the wolf moon comes out, it is telling you to expect good luck. 


Don’t let go of opportunities 

The full moon in January 2024 reveals that a lot of opportunities lie in your path for the year.

However, you should be sensitive enough to take advantage of these opportunities.

Your prayers are about to be answered.

But you need to play your part by being ready.

The full moon that marks the beginning of January is the wolf moon. Now, you might be wondering why it is called the Wolf full moon.



Therefore, this BLOG is both a prophetic and instructive manual to give you insight concerning the coming year and most importantly, the spiritual meaning of the full moon in January 2024.

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