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2024 = 8 in Numerology


8 is the connection between Heaven and Earth!

8  is a number of Abundance. What is Abundance to you?


To receive Abundance you must realize and own your own self worth.



What you should be doing on New Years Eve….. If you claim to be Spiritual.




·You should set your New Years intent with a Jericho Sage




Begin Now with burning an orange candle for the road opener…….



On New Years Eve….. Burn a Green candle with Red sand for Abundance……

2024 = 8 in Numerology….Year of Abundance






The 8 has multiple aspects: It has the power of Authority = Step into your God given POWER and claim your Personal Authority.


To embrace the power of the #8 We need to believe  that we are deserving of Love that we are Love and give and receive Love.


The spiritual universe thrives on love so we need to take responsibility for ourselves and for what we make out of our lives and feel good about who we are and our Spiritual accomplishments.


The 8 brings us the promise of stepping into our personal power internally as long as we Let Go of what others have told us about ourselves or the world.


No matter how restraining circumstances are we can Choose how we perceive things so we choose whether to be happy and filled with peace or to find unhappiness and woo in all our daily occurrences.


Strive to live in the now…

12-30-2023 = So what changes are you making for the New Year? Are you letting go of Bad habits?

 ones that hurt who you are and more so ones that hurt others.


Put yourself in Check…..Watch your mouth!


If 2024 is  number 8 in numerology and the number that connects you to the heavens and brings in Abundance then the most important thing is to learn how to LOVE more (unconditionally)!


Since we are living in the NOW…..!!!! what comes our of your mouth ….is……..


Release all of the Past…….Change your vocabulary, Yes it is hard but ask your Angels to guide you and work on this on a daily basis.


Some people have to unlearn what society has taught them and reprogram their thought patterns and keep in check what they speak….


This means claim your own POWER…. And all forms of Abundance will come your way.

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