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Seven Benefits of Tibetan Sound Message

• Stress Reduction obtained through deep relaxation and endorphin release

• Liberates emotional traumas locked within the subconscious

• Acupuncture meridians are profoundly affected

• Starts self-healing mechanisms in the body

• Promotes better sleep

• Relief from headache, fatigue, insomnia, digestive disorders, joint or muscle aches, menstrual disorders, emotional imbalances

• Aura harmonizing

• Chakra balancing

How Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapy Works

Healing with the Power of Sound is 1 of the oldest and most natural forms of healing.

The simplest way of communicating with the cells in our bodies is through vibration. External vibrations cause a sympathetic resonance in the cells. When tapping a singing bowl placed on the body which consists of more than 70% of water, the sound transmitted cause the cell to resonate.

Sound massage is for all people, not just the ill. Healthy people also derive great benefits from it, they become calmer and report higher levels of energy, as well as better sleep.


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