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Attachments So what Exactly is it

An attachment, by my own definition, is an energy form that (feeds on) your energy or has set up home in your energy field.

This is why I teach everyone to stay Focused, Balanced and in constant LOVE with Peace as to avoid Negative energy.

Don't go getting all freaked out though, everyone at some point in their life will get an attachment just like everyone gets the flu. It happens.

*But they Do need to be addressed so they don't keep clinging on and growing stronger feeding on your energy while you grow weaker and Angrier from depletion.”

Gremlins The Exact Attachment


Since 2016 we have been battling & removing from people; “Attachments” of many sorts, but the absolute worst one of all told me they were {Gremlins}.

These Gremlins would make you scratch all over and the more you scratched the more they traveled. I CC could visually see them, I describe them as a roach looking creature with long fingernails and dragon scales on their backside, with wide Beatty eyes & Sharp teeth.

After clearing several people, Alex asked “what are they are called,” personally, I did not know, I never thought to ask them, so on the next encounter I called them out and asked them what they were, they said “Gremlins”. Wow

So as not to allow Clients to call me crazy or to write a bad review on my mental state we kept this to ourselves just going about our business seeing them and removing them and just giving the Explanation that they were and Yes are Negative energy sent from the dark side.

April 2018, now after watching the series “The Dark Files” with the Medium Amy Allen who by the way is Awesome, she has reported and shown a Sketch of a Gremlin.! So now I feel comfortable about coming out!!!

Prayer to Gremlins

Gremlins, Gremlins here is what I see…………You are so Sad & Lonely that you are hooked on me. Your Energy & Function is quite stunning, so I thank you always to keep my stuff running, I know that you do not want to be Alone….So I will close my eyes and send you home.

With Love, Light & Blessing always.


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