Your Guiding Light

Your Guiding Light

Contactless Curbside Services

4-8-2020 We just got shut down by the Special Police.

Super Nice guys I must say !

We were unaware that you could not do curbside delivery!


  We are working diligently to put up an online store. So for now,

We have  most of our products on this web site but unfortunately you will have to call us for prices. 702-576-1960

  * We  are able to deliver to your home, or to ship  you the products until we are allowed to reopen. 

  If  your Purchase is over $75.00 we will deliver to your home

Free of charge within a 15 mile radius.

We will not be able to ship until  Friday 4-17-20

We will be CLOSED Sunday April 12th - Friday April 17 

CC has listed below

the products that we have available to offer you here at CC Sees your Guiding Light.


 * Please keep in mind that all of Our products are Blessed and filled with the utmost of LOVE & High Energy,   unlike  other companies........


*We are able to Facetime or Text  you Pictures of our Spiritual items

that we have in stock that you may wish to Purchase.

Spiritual Products we Carry

Sage,      Crystals,    Candles,      Tarot & Angels cards,      Singing Bowls,

Incense & Burners,     Pendulums,     Spiritual Boxes,     Angels, Archangels, Saints, Dream catchers,    Wind Chimes,    Dowsing Rods,    Spirit Animals,   Rings,  Custom designed Crystal Pendants,



Note from CC’s Angels:

Please Sage yourself everyday with White Sage (it is a Natural Disinfectant)

Please Open all your Senses Daily with Palo Santo Sage and give Gratitude for what you do have.

Palo Santo Sage is called Holy Wood so keep yourself protected in White Light.


*All that is happening now is part of our Awakening and is proof that we are

Shifting into the 5th Dimension. We Must keep ourselves running at a Higher Vibration, filled with Love, Light, Compassion and Peace. To do so you must Meditate, Include daily Prayer and Positive incantations, Play a singing bowl, chimes, bells etc. .

*Watch closely for the signs from your Angels & communicate with them they have lots of important spiritual messages for you.

 Our Motto: 


"This is not just a business..... it's our way of life"



Many years ago  I  CC had a Vision of a  Spiritual Shop  where people would come in and just feel the presence of


LOVE  &   Happiness     bringing an   Inner Peace   and a  Happy Tear  to their eyes.


As of July 2015  my  Vision  &  Dream came   TRUE.!




My Unique Spiritual Shop … C.C. Sees Your Guiding Light     is as  Unique as myself...


it is NOT  just a shop it is  a …….SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE……a  JOURNEY,


 Our  way of Life …with


Unique Spiritual Items   just like the EXPERIENCE !!!




If you are in Search of finding  your   INNER LIGHT   and  possibly   NEED GUIDANCE


to get you to the place you need to be.


Escape the hustle & bustle of everyday life, &  Stop into Our



Unique Spiritual Shop 


CC Alex   WELCOME  your Presence and send you  Blessings  &  Love



Readings,   Crystal Energy Bed,

Spiritual Energy Healing


Largest & Most Reasonable Selection

of Spiritual Items

*Spiritually the Most Knowledgeable Owners

& Staff members in all of LV

Chakra Alignments ........ Crystal Healings,

Spiritual Cleansing = Clearings

( personal, home or businesses)


Classes, Meditation Circles & so Much More!

101 S Rainbow Blvd Suite 9 89145

Hours of Operation:

Monday:        10:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Tuesday:        Closed

Wednesday:   10:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Thursday:      10:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Friday:          10:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Saturday:       11:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Sunday:         11:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Special Hours:

If you would like to order by phone please call, or we can also Facetime.

Office Phone: (702)576-1960

Personal Cell: (725)244-7444

© 2015 by CC See's Your Guiding Light.                  Location: 101 S Rainbow Blvd 89145 Suite 9

Office: (702)576-1960                     Personal: (725)244-7444