Virgin Mary Miracle


I have been growing spiritually in leaps and bounds but was held back by an unforeseen force that I couldn’t get my finger on. I had an idea but didn’t know how to face it. I had a fear of love holding me back. My mother couldn’t love me the way a mother should, unconditionally. My emotions were in turmoil most of my young adult life never knowing how to get or feel true love. It was often stripped away and turned off from my mother at the drop of a dime and the hurt cut so deep all I could think was, it must be me. Fast forward many years, having no relationship with my mother I found myself blocked with fear…fear of love.


On July 12, 2018 I walked into CC’s Spiritual Center and gazed upon the statue of Mama Mary and heard the stories. I heard CC’s story and I sat in front of the statue of Mother Mary and asked her about true love and she smiled at me and I felt warm. We began the meditation and when we hit the heart chakra I got sad and called out to Mama Mary and asked her with my whole heart to show me what true love feels like. In an instant I was overwhelmed with the warmest tingles all through my body and was showered with white light and love. My eyes swelled with tears and emotion and in that moment, feeling the warmth from her my fear was gone. I felt the love I longed for. The relief to be made whole was a true miracle.


The next day, I traveled to Mount Charleston to release my chapters that I held onto. I was finally able to let go of the fear, hurt, anguish and any negative emotion I was holding onto. The miracle of feeling and being shown true love changed my life. I walked into the woods at dusk and along the trail passed many deer who did not run in fear. I sat on a log and called out to Mama Mary to support me and I began to talk aloud, releasing my anguish, letting go and closing chapters.


I was doing well and then began to hear growling behind me in the distance. Nervous I called out to Saint Michael the Archangel and walked back down to my vehicle. Not done and not scared away, I sat on a log fence facing the wood line, closed my eyes and finished letting go. With a deep breath out, my notebook that was next to me on the post, fell to the ground and in an instant, my eyes opened and dogs were howling and barking in the distance, echoing through the mountain in front of me. It was incredible.


Knowing I needed to burn or bury my papers with my closed chapters I was stuck. Burning could accidently cause a forest fire and bury didn’t seem right for me. So I walked out into the field, into the dark and called out to Mama Mary, how do I finish and close the chapters. I felt warm and cool tingles all over, and was showered with white light, just as the night before and knew, so I tore the papers to pieces, so tiny, and released them to Mother Earth. And I was Free. My miracle.


Ashley Love, Light, Blessings xoxo