Rosaries/Mala Beads


        We have several Rosaries ranging from $2.00 to $75.00

You can get a Super nice Rosary for about $21.00


    I am going to break this down as simple as Possible (sorry if I offend any fellow Catholics)


Our Goal here at CC Sees Your Guiding Light is to bring more people to the LIGHT, more of you to heal and self heal, to find PEACE of Mind, Happiness & most of all LOVE………

                       (what the world needs now is more LOVE)


I can honestly attest that a big part of that will

come to you from daily Prayer and Positive Affirmations.


So, Mother Mary is the (Queen of Angels) and most all of you believe in Angels.

so Why not pray to “the Queen of Angels”

In a more traditional sense The Virgin Mary is the Mother of Jesus Christ who is the Son of God.

And she has asked us to Pray the Rosary.


Because we here at CC Sees Your Guiding Light want to encourage as many people as possible to be comfortable with a repetitive prayer with Tons of POWER……We, teach people to begin by stating your petition, your desires or wants and needs then begin with:


“The Lord’s Prayer followed by 10 Hail Mary’s 

You repeat this in 5 sections which is called decades.

·         Even if you only have enough time for 1 decade at least you are praying.

·         You will begin to see the changes in your Life, Mother Mary has NEVER failed me,

make her your Faith filled Mother too.



Mala Beads


           Here at CC Sees Your Guiding Light we offer a selection of Mala beads or you can Choose your Favorite Gem Stones and allow Alex or Daniel to create your personalized Mala Beads!


   The incantations that you repeat while skimming the beads is called a Mantra which is a sound, syllable word, or group of words that is believed to create transformation.

Some choose Mantras while other turn to Prayer.

1 Guru Bead & 108 beads are considered a Sacred Number in Hinduism


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