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New Year

Written from CC and her Angels for you.

2023 = 7 In Numerology


2022 was a tough year for most, however there is always Light at the end of the tunnel.

But here I go preaching again……!


We are Vibrating in the high Vibration of the 5th dimension….So what that means is that we are living in the NOW…with LOVE…Peace…Compassion and Integrity.


Can you honestly say that you are filled with all of those attributes?  


*You MUST fill yourself with a pure Love daily, then you will find

Peace of mind.


*Have Compassion for those who are not as strong as they should be and cannot find or achieve what is needed of them. (Pray for them)


*Put your self in Check……..Integrity; Do the right thing… Speak out of LOVE not hatred.


  It took me many years of  working on myself and my attitude to make all of my words and actions to be from a place of Love…..If I could do it so could you….yes it means dedicating time daily for meditation….Prayer…. communicating and Listening to the guidance of my Angels…..Most important not just listening but taking their advice and doing what they say not what society dictates.


Why is it that only 1% of people want to follow my teachings?


Mentally my life is pretty close to perfect, Why what I teach and  Practice daily is channeled to me direct from my Angels, they have NEVER mislead or misguided me, and I do not wish to be stuck mentally and neither should you.

Please read and follow :



My goal this year is to help heal mentally and physically at least 10% of the people I come into contact with. (you say only 10% I would personally Love it to be 100% and I could do it; the problem is remember my statement earlier No one wants to do the work on themselves after!  I can heal just about everyone!!!!! But it must be a group effort you have to live the life of Spirituality and use the proper crystals and tools to keep yourself feeling Perfect!

So what is coming in 2023: 

I hate to be the barrier of bad news but my Angels are famous for letting me know the bad so that i can take the proper precautions to avoid the mishaps.

And so could you if you take heed to the warnings.


Just to give you a recap: My Angels warned me to let everyone know 6 months before Covid that it was coming and what to do to prepare for it. Again only 1% listened to me and so many of you were unprepared and even got sick.


2023 is bringing in a lot of unknown sickness, what I mean by unknown is the doctors cannot even figure out what is going wrong with people, why they have the symptoms they have! But I do

To be honest this has been occuring for the past year, it is only going to get worse.


My personal belief and just what my Angels have shared with me is:

When we shifted into the 5th dimension we were given the opportunity to Spiritually shift into the higher Vibration, and conciously connect to the Spiritual realm. This is what the Covid shut down was all about!

Think about back then when you had nothing but time on your hands and most of you dedicated that time to listening to the universe and growing intuitvely.


I can honestly say when CC Sees your Guiding Light reopened, I was sooooo Happy because everyone that came in, shared their stories of all of the Spiritual messages, occurances and synchronicity that was evolving and surronding their entire being. Wow …..people were feeling and seeing just what I had seen my entire life. I was so estatic!

I was so Honored to teach and guide everyone with their new found spirituality this is what the Angels trained me for my entire life.


 This only lasted a year and then almost everyone went back to their daily non spiritual routines. How Sad.

The excuse I hear all the time is: I do not have time…….(well make time there is 16 workable hours in a day) give an hour or more to living  spiritually…….Life and your health will be better.


People Wake Up!.......If you do NOT wake up your will get sick or leave this earth. It is up to you.

New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day or whenever you want a New Beginning, it does not matter but you are the destiny of your future.


Live in the NOW…Manifest what you want in the future but be careful what you ask for……


Think it through..


And Spiritually work for it!


What to do : Keep a ton of Selenite around your home with Smokey Quartz it will keep you from getting sick.

(This is what my Angels said to do before COVID ……I never got Sick!

* We have our Selenite and Smoky quartz on Special!


 May your New Years Be filled with Pure LOVE and Happiness

Love Light & Blessings from CC & the CC Crew


More to come soon…just a little each day…..

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