Our collection of Dream Catchers here at CC Sees Your Guiding Light is quite colorful.


Here are just a  few other recommendations from CC, to help alleviate nightmares 

or that can offer you  a better night’s sleep.

* Burn Rosemary Sage over your bed & pillow before you go to sleep.


* Tuck these Crystals in your Pillow and or under your Bed:

Mookaite….Moonstone… Blue Calcite


Stop in and allow us to show you those Crystals and teach you how to keep them cleansed and power charged with POSITIVE ENERGY.



Purpose and Meaning of a Dream Catcher

Dream catchers were traditionally used as a talisman to Protect sleeping people usually children from Bad Dreams and nightmares.


Legends say that the Spider Web design would   allow GOOD Dreams   to pass through

and Float down the Hanging Beads and Feathers to those sleeping.

Bad Dreams, however, would be  CAUGHT in the WEB.