Cleansing of a Location

Do you have  Ghosts or Unwanted Spirits? 


Just need a House Blessing to Avoid any Negative Activity

I, CC, a Psychic Medium have performed both House and Personal clearings (including exorcisms) and the removal of unwanted spirits for over 40 years. I now have developed a team of experts to assist with our Clearings.


The Negative attachments that we are seeing in the past few years I can honestly say is stronger than anything I have seen my entire life.

Along with my years of experience I also have No fear of the unknown,

I work in conjunction with Saint Michael the Archangel, His Heavenly Helpers, and several

Native American Spirit Guides.

The key is to Be of  Pure LOVE and surrounded by “God’s White Light”


How a House Clearing is performed

Myself & My Team do a complete tour of the property to assess the “Who” & “What” is in your space.

We discuss our finding with you, review the solution, and inform you about your part in the upkeep.

  1. *We begin with Prayer before any service

  2. Then perform a Personal Cleanings on all residents.

  3. We cleanse inside then seal off any Portals, cast off any unwanted spirits and negative energy.

4. We then do the outside perimeter of the home, putting up a Protection Barrier.


IMPORTANT: What we have been Teaching & Preaching is that a House will only stay cleared

 if it is filled with LOVE, Light, Happiness, without no Anger. 


 After communicating with the spirits, one of  3 things will happen:

- I will always send them to the LIGHT if they are a positive spirit

- If you allow them to stay we will give you their details for them to live with you in a non-harmful manner.

- If it's a dark entity we will work diligently to banish it and educate the client on the steps to take in blocking and not allowing it to return.

Continuing negative patterns that bring in only negativity such as constant yelling, abuse, fighting, etc. will bring back some of the darkness we just expelled. For the next few weeks up to a

few months (depending on your case)you must only be positive and show love.

House Clearing - $250 per Hour

(or more depending on situation and/or location)

- $350 per Hour if a Mediumship is necessary

2 Hour Minimum  on all clearings

Commercial locations - Prices are quoted per job, depending on severity.

$100 payment is required to assess any location.