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Spiritual Center

CC’s Center for Spiritual Awakening is a place for you to:


Release, Find Inner Peace and Grow Spiritually attaining perfect Balance & Knowledge!

           Our Center is designed in a Circle.

“just like Life there is No Beginning and No end.”

Included within the Circle are Inspirational Messages.


Station 1:  Sage yourself (Remove Negativity)


Station 2: Holy Water & Lavender oil (Bless & Cleanse yourself}

Station 3: Sebastian’s Room Crystal Energizing Bed (Energize yourself)

chakra room 1.jpg

Station 4: Copper Pyramid Room (manifest all that you desire with your thoughts). The Universes unlimited energy source.


Station 5: Meditation & Sound Therapy Room (Balance & Connect to your Higher Self) Singing bowls, Chimes, Cymbals, Rain stick, Drums, Gong & More. (Raise your Vibration to be in Synch with the 5th dimension.)


Station 6: Releasing Pit: Close your Chapters & Release your past Mistakes & Pains (Walk Out to the New Enlightened you)


Station 7: Chakra Balancing & Zero Gravity chair Room: Pull out Negative Energy and Keep your Chakras balanced.

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