Get to know the

   Animals in our shop

     and their Purpose


      Meet our loving family here at CC Sees your Guiding Light  

-Tonchee =  Cat

-Drake  =     Dog

-Oracle  =     Bearded Dragon

-Avery  =     yellow Budgie bird

-Electra =     light blue Budgie bird

-Freckles =  dark blue Budgie bird

Kiwi   =     Green cheek conure bird)

Cosmo =     (Kiwi's husband)

*Check out the pictures....Isn't it the Coolest thing, they are so filled with LOVE that they all live in Harmony and get along Perfectly.  "Maybe humanity should learn from them" !!!!!

     For those of you who have had the pleasure of visiting CC’s Unique Spiritual Shop you can understand the reason  why we LOVE our animals so much.

 Like humans they all have their unique personalities, and they each know what their purpose is here in the Spiritual realm.


      Tonche (the Cat)  loves to talk and he will not stop talking until you pay attention to him.

He loves everyone especially children and he will entertain them while you shop.

He also thinks that he is the Psychic, & rightfully so HE is a Cat!!!

(But don’t tell him that because he does not know it) he insists on laying on the reading table during your reading with CC.  If you cry (like most) he will wipe away your tears and pat you on your arm to let you know that “things will be OK.


*He is also very proud of his Protection Crystal (Tourmaline)




Drake (the Dog) after 5 years of working here he still has not learned how to greet people without barking at them!

Drakes bark is really just his Happy way of saying Welcome!

Drake’s greatest gift is he is a Healer,  so he also struts his Tourmaline Protection stone and both he and it work very hard.

Drake can sense when someone is holding onto a ton of Negative and he proceeds to pull it out of them,

“but watch out because he releases through his back end! Thank God for Sage to camouflage that awful smell.


 Whenever we have a Healing Drake is the first one in the room, he knows his purpose and he serves it well, there really is no better Therapy than Animal healing!  


Oracle (the bearded Dragon)

     Oracle has truly made so many people so Happy!  So many clients come in terribly afraid of reptiles and then we put Oracle on their shoulder and …

......Wala....…that’s all it takes he just makes you fall in Love with him.

Since all of CC’s  & Alex’s animals are raised with Pure Love they know just how to give that Love back to everyone.


Cute story: When Oracle was a baby he was raised in a aquarium tank, Tonche (the Cat) would always just sit and star at him. (Keep in mind cats eat reptiles!!!!).... So,when Oracle got bigger we got him a huge glass tank.



We have always put all of our animals together on the floor and told them to LOVE each other.


Anyway, Tonche tried so hard to get into the tank and Oracle used to jump on the side in attempt to reach Tonche.


Well, one morning we arrived at work and the glass on top of the tank was shattered and Oracle was not in the tank …… What Drama, I was screaming and crying and low and Behold there was Oracle & Tonche cuddled together in the cat bed.