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New Year's and New Beginnings


1. Close your Chapters…. Cut Cords


2. Start each morning with Palo Santo Sage =

Open your senses and give Gratitude.


3. Candle Magic = Your choice, Light daily and recite your intention


Orange Candle with yellow or white sand = if you need a road opener with Wisdom & goodness


Green candle with red sand if you need Abundance.


Black candle with white sand if you need to dispel negativity and bring in Goodness.



4. Jericho Sage = water daily reading the same intent as the candle.




5. Incense = New beginnings…. Fill your home with the sweet fragrance of New Beginning Incense and allow it to carry your intentions to the Heavens.



6. Crystals for Manifestation = Icelandic spar to magnify your intentions….

Citrine…Green Aventurine or Cinnabar for abundance…

Labradorite…apophyllite to grow Spiritually.



Protection and daily rituals

*Wear a pyrite to mirror away negativity….and a Tourmaline to collect what negativity passes by the Pyrite. Never put them back on unless they are cleansed. Watch our tic toc video



Start your morning with Palo Santo Sage End your day with 1 leaf of White sage to remove the days negativity.



Put small cup of Holy water behind your doors and blessed salt under your furniture and your outside doorway.

Take a bath with CC’s Heavenly bath water to remove negativity.


Learn and Say your Protection prayer to Saint Michael.


*Place Obsidian…Tourmaline…. Pyrite …around your home with selenite in the middle.


Sage your home whenever it starts to feel unclean.

CC Sees Your Guiding Light Spiritual Services
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